According to the Ministry of Health, users can actively register on the Ministry of Health website to automatically get a passport for the Covid-19 vaccine.

To register, users have access to and fill in personal information including full name, date of birth, ID card number, email address and date of last vaccination in the application section. issue electronic Covid-19 vaccine passports. The last step, the user enters the capcha code and selects submit to complete the registration.

In addition, the Ministry of Health website has not registered for an SLL security certificate, so it is blocked when using some browsers. To access the page, the user opens advanced options and chooses to continue visiting the link.

According to the information on the registration website of the Ministry of Health, the person applying for a passport for the Covid-19 vaccine must complete the vaccination at the vaccination facilities and provide correct and sufficient information when injecting. In addition, people have to apply for a vaccine passport on the Ministry of Health website or the app of the electronic health book – PC Covid. The system will return the Covid-19 vaccine passport in the form of a QR code.

Accordingly, the vaccine passport QR code is generated according to European standards and complies with security and privacy regulations. In every QR code there is an encryption of the digital signature of the certification authority to ensure that it is not forged. Based on meeting internationally common standards, the system will continuously support people in issuing vaccination certificates before departure.

A representative of the Ministry of Health’s Ministry of Information Technology said the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 vaccine passport search page will be completed this week. People who do not use a smart mobile phone can subscribe to receive information via email and print it on paper for use.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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