The 21st century is the time for us to explore global opportunities. As the world evolves, we see many career opportunities available worldwide. For example, Vietnam’s information technology industry could use the helping hand of experienced developers from developed countries like US, UK, etc.

That also answers the question: are there jobs available for foreigners in Vietnam? Yes there are. And the big YES emphasizes his statement: if you want to work in Vietnam, 2022 is the year.

Types of Jobs and Sectors Hiring Foreigners in Vietnam

As a developing country, Vietnam is constantly stimulating the growth of various fields. In particular, IT/digital solutions/software development, education and manufacturing are the top 3 professions you may be interested in.

Firstly, Vietnam needs as much help as possible in developing digital solutions/software. If you are well trained in these areas, Vietnam could use a helping hand. Local software developers and digital strategists still lack experience working with international companies. Therefore, Vietnam needs manpower in positions like professional software developer trainers, digital marketing specialists, automation experts, etc.

Second, the development of education in Vietnam is the number one priority. Almost every subject, not only in public schools but also in international schools, uses English as part of the compulsory curriculum. Therefore, there are many teaching jobs available if you are a native English speaker.

Third, manufacturing is known as the most vital backbone of the Vietnamese economy. Such an attraction has attracted the attention of companies around the world to move their factories to Vietnam. Therefore, if you have a product in mind and are looking forward to setting up your factory somewhere affordable, Vietnam can be a reasonable option.

If setting up a factory isn’t your goal, you can still get a job as a Quality Control Engineer, Sourcing Agent or Business Relationship Manager.

Vietnam is also ideal for freelancers. However, approaching this kind of career can be tricky in regards to the visa requirements. To better understand this matter, you can follow the video below. I will explain how you could pursue your freelance career.

Requirements to work in Vietnam

It is mandatory to have a compatible visa when you come to Vietnam. Therefore, if you want to work in Vietnam, you must have a business visa or a work visa.

After that, there are a few other papers you must possess to work legally in Vietnam:

  • A work permit
  • Evidence of pure criminal background
  • A copied version of your bachelor’s degree
  • Work Experience Confirmation Document from Former Employers

Salary to expect in Vietnam

If you come to Vietnam to work, you may have a much easier life than where you started. Or at least it works for a lot of people. However, that does not mean that you will be paid higher. Since the cost of living in Vietnam is relatively low compared to other developed countries, your salary will be lower in most cases. How much you can earn also depends on many other factors such as the size of the company, the market capitalization, the demand in the country and other criteria.

Salary foreign expats can work in Vietnam

If you want to learn more about some job opportunities available in Vietnam, you can first visit some job boards to look at the potential career opportunities you have in Vietnam or reach out to some expats working in the fields you pursue. Here are some options to consider:

  • Vietnamworks
  • Career builder
  • Career Link
  • Linkedin

#1 reason you can RUINING your chances of getting a job in Vietnam

Many expats do not have solid professional network when you move to Vietnam. They usually don’t know how to get started and tend to fail if they don’t understand the job market and how to adapt to it. Are you in one of those scenarios?

  • You just arrived and don’t know anyone already in Vietnam?
  • You are still in your own country and looking for a job in Vietnam for the first time?
  • Do you want to reach a higher position than your current one, or change your profession?

To check this step-by-step resource to help you find your dream job in Vietnam.

This is a efficient step-by-step plan to find a job in Vietnam in 7 days. It contains the exclusive list of all companies that used to employ foreigners in Vietnam, a video training “7 days to find a job in Vietnam”, from an expert in recruitment in Ho Chi Minh City and other resources to determine your level raise profile in the labor market.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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