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How COVID-19 changed our lives and how we adapted with the pandemic?

How COVID-19 changed our lives and how we adapted with the pandemic?

It has been nearly a year since the day COVID-19 was announced to be a global pandemic, from that day, our lives have changed decently.

From the very first day the pandemic exposed in Wu Han, China, we all perceived that some bad things are en routing down the street. We all did not know what was COVID-19, but all we understood about this virus was that it would have changed our lives entirely and it would put an end to some outdated behaviors. Some of us pretended that COVID-19 is alike to cold virus and it would pass soon.

Sadly, it was not the case of this situation. COVID-19 is different from cold or flu, definitely more dangerous and deadlier than any other cold and flu viruses. But the good things are that coronavirus also introduces some innovations and changes that are supportive for our lives throughout the pandemic.

We have a chance to enhance to things that we rarely think about. We have opportunity to be closer to our family. And we also have times to practice skills like cooking and home cleaning. COVID-19 absolutely is a nightmare of medical and the whole world, though. But in a bad time, we all recognize that there are some positivity.

How COVID-19 changed our lives and how we adapted with the pandemic?
How COVID-19 changed our lives and how we adapted with the pandemic?

Distance learning and working: Future of education and business

Distance learning and working have become more popular after the explosion of COVID-19, and even though it was tough at the beginning in terms of approaching these “new setting”, it is getting more and more familiar with most of us. We certainly know how to connect with people via Zoom, Viber, and other distance working and learning platform, all thanks to the impact of COVID-19.

And despite the inconstant flow of the Internet at some points, distance learning and working will be a trend of our future. Probably, in the next 5-10 years, nobody needs an office because they can work at home and enjoy their outcome at their cozy and warm shelter.

Former Vice President of Google’s Media Department, Jessica Powell, said that she is a fan of distance working though Powell confessed that some employees will feel unpleasing with this type of working.

How COVID-19 changed our lives and how we adapted with the pandemic?
Working from distance is a trend right now.

Professor Peter Cappelli of Wharton University said that distance working and learning is a copy version of Uber system. People enjoy their tasks at the work place right inside their home or right inside their favorite place instead of inside an office.

Anyway, Ms. Powell said that if you found yourself being lost as you had to work distance for too long, you would need to meet your colleagues. The biggest challenge while maintaining distance learning and working: preserving the culture of workplace or institution.

Powell said that when COVID-19 and pandemic can be worse, companies and corporation might have to let their employees work at home. But when this decision is made, leaders of corporations must understand that they will need to consistently connect with their employees in order to let them know you care for them and wish to create a comfortable work place for them.

COVID-19 changed our lives and our holidays’ customs

Missing the traditional atmosphere of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve? It is the biggest depression of the year 2020 when we could not celebrate our favorite holidays like we used to do, and for sure that COVID-19 had some impact for that change. But it indirectly creates a chance for growth for E-commerce and E-bank. According to Deloitte, home shopping revenue of brands have rapidly increased in the year 2020.

And in the year 2021, the revenue for home shopping could be up to $3 thousand.

Little Caesars, a pizza restaurant chain in the U.S., occasionally survived well in through the pandemic thanks to their Reserve-N-Ready. This service of Little Caesars was created with purpose of cut down the time in the waiting line and the risk of losing track of each orders. Ed Gleich, Creativity Director of Little Caesars, confessed that he did not expect this service will grow that fast after 3 years of developing.

How COVID-19 changed our lives and how we adapted with the pandemic?
Home shopping is a trend right now.

All of their growth thanks to order from home shoppers. And there are so many other businesses keep growing during the pandemic. Even automobile businesses have also adapted to new things. Absolutely, missing some of our holidays with our beloved ones is such a pity.

But in the end, the pandemic introduces some new things that we should adapt to.

Future of aviation is a question mark

Traveling by airplane suffers from an unclear future right now. Borders closure between nations prevents travelers to move around and directly tackle the revenue of traveling and aviation businesses. At the same time, COVID-19 put on the table a challenge for customer cares of aviation brands. In this challenge, Delta Airlines proved that they acknowledged how to adapt to new things. Business Travel News (BTN) continued to rate Delta Airlines among the top 5 stars aviation company for their customer service in the year 2020.

Aviation business also said welcome to newcomers, and although the future for this industry is uncertain, aviation somehow tries not to suffer from a huge deficit.

Overall, the entire world is facing several struggles but in that amid of problem, we see some bright things for the future. A future with working at home or a future with more shopping at home is right there.

How aviation business struggles right now?

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