For Vietnamese who are thinking about working abroad, now is a good time to do so. Many countries have eased travel restrictions and in some cases are even eagerly seeking skilled and qualified Vietnamese workers to integrate into their societies. A good example of this is as a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) teacher.

Below is a guide to some of the best places to teach TEFL abroad, as well as some helpful tips for making that transition smooth and seamless. In addition, there will also be some examples of how to make TEFL classes fun and engaging for students there, and how to maximize the decision financially.


When thinking specifically about which countries should teach English abroad, Japan should be near the top of that particular list. Located not far away, on the eastern edge of the Asian continent, the Land of the Rising Sun is a great place to take those first steps into the world of TEFL education.

To begin with, the salary levels offered there tend to be quite high, especially when compared to the cost of living. This means more of the TEFL day job earnings can be spent on day trips or a weekend excursion to another part of the country.

In addition, TEFL teachers who just got their hands on their TEFL certification have a great chance of quickly finding a top job in Japan. This is because recruiters there strongly favor candidates who have gone the extra mile to become qualified, as this demonstrates a genuine intent to help others learn. In fact, the general rule is that most if not all Japanese recruiters require TEFL certification to even consider a candidate.

Last but not least, a large number of Japanese people are eager to learn the English language, and so there are plenty of options for the new TEFL teacher to choose from. They can range from working with a preschool group to teaching adults in a corporate English setting.


As one of the two largest population groups in the world, next to India, China has a huge market for English learners who are ready and willing to study. This creates a huge opportunity for a TEFL teacher to enter the market and help students reach their full potential.

With so many cities to choose from, making the right decision can depend on a number of factors. For those who love wildlife and wild animals in their natural habitatSzechuan province is known as the home of pandas, and also of spicy food, for those so inclined.

The capital, Beijing, on the other hand, is the place to be for those with a penchant for history and want to learn more about how China grew into the country it is today. There are opportunities to explore the Hidden City or take a trip to the Olympic Park, built for the 2008 Olympics.

Finally, the big city of Shanghai is another viable option for those who thrive on the hustle and bustle of a metropolis and a sense of action and adventure around every corner. The locals of Shanghai brag about the fact that their city is always awake, and there are also thriving expatriate communities everywhere.


For a pace of life and lifestyle closer to Vietnam, Thailand could be the place to build a TEFL career. Popular with adult learners, from college students to start-up companiesthis is a fantastic choice for a TEFL teacher who feels comfortable exploring a range of topics with their students.

Classes are generally more open and relaxed here than in other parts of Asia, and this may appeal to some teachers who prefer to go with the flow. In some types of adult lessons, the focus is on building fluency and confidence, and this can lead to debates and discussions on a variety of topics.

That’s not to say it’s hard to find work with kids as a TEFL certified instructor, and in fact, in many ways, working with Thai kids can be just as fun and rewarding as anywhere else. For example, these young learners thrive on the positive energy and good feelings that can come with a TEFL teacher who knows how to harness that attitude and direct it to grow in the English language.

Thailand’s growing tourism industry has also created a real need to learn English. Many hotels and restaurants have learned that English speakers from all over the world flock to Thailand to get away from it all, especially to islands such as Phuket and Koh Samui.

This makes teaching TEFL in this industry a tempting proposition. Besides, there’s certainly no better way to unwind at the end of a day of teaching TEFL than laying on the beach and top up your tan.

South Korea

Just like moving to any other country, it’s worth considering the changes that need to take place for emigration to be successful. These can include learning a touch of the local language, bringing alternative forms of currency with you, and being ready to expect visa questions at various points along the way.

Fortunately, South Korea generally has a warm and welcoming attitude towards expats and offers a lifestyle that is comfortable and easy to get used to. In addition, South Koreans love to hear about other cultures, learn from the customs and traditions of others, and enjoy sharing their own thoughts and feelings.

Either way, teaching in South Korea can work for a TEFL teacher from almost any background, from someone who enjoys the big city life in Seoul to those who prefer a quieter life in a smaller city like Busan. A daily TEFL experience in South Korea can vary depending on the type of educational institution and age group. Of course, a downtown preschool would be very different from a high school environment in a rural area, for obvious reasons.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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