On the morning of April 29, the People’s Committee of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City held the groundbreaking ceremony of work to renovate and upgrade the sidewalk around International Square – Ho Con Rua (Vo Thi Sau district).

Speaking about the project, Mr. Tran Nhan Hau, director of the board of construction investment projects in District 3, said that the pavement around International Lake Con Rua has deteriorated over time. , many segments were broken and damaged. There are sections where the sidewalk is flooded, the elevation is not synchronized, making it difficult to travel, unsafe for people in traffic and causing loss of urban beauty.

Ho Chi Minh City: After many days of waiting, Turtle Lake is wearing a new coat as of today - Photo 1.

Turtle Lake has long been an ideal destination in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

According to Mr. Hau, urban beautification and improvement of people’s quality of life are top priorities in the current period.

Mr Hau said the work will be performed on 3 axes: Pham Ngoc Thach (from Nguyen Dinh Chieu to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai), Tran Cao Van (from Ho Con Rua to Hai Ba Trung), Vo Van Tan (from Ho Chi Minh City). Turtle to Pasteur) with a total length of 1,280m, a total sidewalk surface of approximately 6,700m2.

This area will be landscaped to improve sidewalks and sidewalks and install seating; renovating greenery on sidewalks; the renovation of rainwater drains (replacing the inlet doors and knitting covers); renovating the lighting system; move a number of electrical cabinets, telecommunications cabinets; Electrical boxes and gene tubes await billboards.

Funding for implementation is from Sponsorship – Socialization (Sunny World Design and Management Joint Stock Company) with a total investment of nearly 15 billion VND, of which the construction cost is about 12.4 billion VND. Construction time 4 months.

Ho Chi Minh City: After many days of waiting, Turtle Lake is wearing a new coat as of today - Photo 2.

District 3 leaders and units conducted the groundbreaking ceremony of the improvement and upgrade project for the pavement around International Square – Lake Con Rua.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Vice-Chairman of District 3 People’s Committee Tran Thanh Binh emphasized that it is imperative to renovate and improve pedestrian sidewalks around International Square – Lake Con Rua.

“This creates a spacious urban face, increases traffic capacity, improves people’s living conditions; at the same time fulfilling the goal of developing this area into a pedestrian street on weekends, and creating a space for cultural activities, entertainment and entertainment places of the people” – said Mr. Tran Thanh Binh.

In order to ensure the quality of construction work and on schedule, the Vice-Chairman of the District 3 People’s Committee proposed that the District 3 Urban Management Department be the focal point along with the District 3 Construction Investment Project Management Board. coordinate and support the investor and the construction unit to focus on construction to ensure labor safety, environmental hygiene and construction of technical and artistic quality according to the planned schedule.

At the same time, limiting the impact on the activities of the people in the area, so that the project is completed, accepted and put into operation on the occasion of the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the National Day (September 2).

Source: nld.com.vn

Source: Vietnam Insider


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