Thursday, February 25, 2021

High quality Galaxy Z Fold3 renders bring all the rumors to life


Right off the bat, we don’t have any live photos or official images of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold yet. This render is probably the next best thing, however, since Ben Geskin is known for his quality fieldwork and appears to have based his design on much of the leaked information we already have about the alleged Z Fold3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 rendering

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 rendering

In no particular order, one of the first things that stand out here is the distinctive design of the camera island, clearly taken straight from the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That’s actually a pretty fair guess to make, as Samsung has a proven track record of transferring overall style between its device families. Most notably the S and Note lines, in a generation. However, we can’t really be sure that the camera modules themselves or their placement will be the same on the Z Fold3. In fact, due to the challenges and space constraints of the form factor, we can probably expect a slightly degraded main camera setup on the Fold.

Speaking of space constraints, we’ve been seeing hints of S Pen support on the upcoming Z Fold for some time now. While most of us naturally assumed this involved a stylus that slides inside the phone’s body, now that Samsung has set a precedent with the S21 Ultra and its fully separate and optional S Pen, many have started to wonder if the Korean giant will do it. rather go this route. Apparently Ben Geskin thinks so too, as the S Pen pictured is way too large to fit into the body of the phone.

Again, this is just an artistic vision. One of the most recent rumors we’ve heard about the Z Fold3 claims that it will feature smaller screens than its predecessor – an inner screen of 7.55 “(up from 7.59”) and 6.21 “to the outside (against 6.23 “). Apparently, this sacrifice will be necessary precisely to insert an S Pen into the body of the phone. So that remains a possibility as well.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Another potentially expected feature of the Z Fold3 in an under-screen camera. While it’s a bit difficult to say, it also seems to be built into Ben Geskin’s renderings.

If the vine is to be believed, we can expect to see the Galaxy Z Fold3 in June of this year, allegedly priced on par with the current Galaxy Z Fold2.


Source: GSMArena

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