It is so exciting, isn’t it? Another year is coming to all of us, the year 2021, a year of Ox. It is a good time to take a look at the Ox squad of the soccer world.

Ox squad of the soccer world in the year 2021 will be fulfilled with players born in the year 1985, 1986 (from January. 1st to February. 8th), 1997, and 1998 (January. 1st to January. 27th). And please put this in mind, this squad is absolutely a personal choice; it could be right for some, but for the other, it is probably a premature decision to build up this squad.

Here we go, the squad that possesses Ox as their zodiac animal.

Dean Henderson

The graduate of Manchester United youth academy is the best option for this squad as he continues to show his potential growth. He keeps pacing towards the higher level of his career, and Henderson currently is a big challenge for David de Gea’s position in the future. The youngster of the English national team also made it to the national camp this season of 2020-2021. Last season, he showed up that he could be a top goalkeeper in the shirt of Sheffield United.

With them, he made it to the top 8 of the English Premier League table. Since he could continue to concentrate on his development, Dean Henderson can even made it to a bigger club outside the border of England.

Dean Henderson arguably is the best goalkeeper that has Ox as the zodiac animal. Photo: AFP

Joe Gomez

Another Englishman made it to this squad, and Joe Gomez is the name of this lad. A youngster of Liverpool is easy to get himself hurt from injury, but when Gomez is 100 percent ready for the match, he is a tough challenger for any strikers out there. In the season when Liverpool dominated the sixth UEFA Champions League trophies, Gomez played a crucial role in the first half of that season.

The young lad of Liverpool still has plenty of things to fix, but as long as he is passionate for becoming a better version of himself, Gomez will be an attractive sign around Europe.

Gomez in a training camp with England national team. Photo: AFP

Raul Albiol

He is the only “veteran” defender of this squad since most players at his age declared their retirement. Though Albiol’s age is a concern, his experience will be a valuable thing for any clubs. Albiol will be a good leader for the defense system of this squad. Alongside with him is two young lads, and the role of a “veteran” like him is crucial important.

Recently, he moved back to Spain to play for Villareal after 6 years contributing for Napoli.

Albiol with Spain national team in European Championship campaign of 2008.Photo: AFP

Juan Foyth

Another young lad who will be in this squad is Juan Foyth. Although he was born in 1998, his birthday is Jan. 12th – literally indicates that his zodiac animal is Ox. Foyth is a successful youth product of Spurs academy, and despite his inconsistent development in the past few years, Foyth was the representative of his nation in the World Cup 2018 tournament in Russia.

Foyth will add more pace to this defense system as Albiol and Gomez are lack of this factor. Besides, he will be the perfectly complete piece of this 3-men defense.

Foyth is playing for Villareal right now. Photo: AFP

Youri Tielemans

An important piece of Leicester City’s squad, Youri Tielemans is the irreplaceable central midfielder of this squad. The young Belgian lad is a complete midfielder and he will be a main source of the play-making game of this squad. Tielemans also represented his nation in the World Cup 2018 tournament, and unlike the other young lads, the former midfielder of AS Monaco usually played in the first squad for Belgium nation team.

Tielemans will be a balance cog of this squad. Photo: AFP

Ruben Neves

Ruben Neves is a successful youngster that has graduated from the academy of Porto FC. Though he built up his reputation as one of the most clinical midfielder in the shirt of Wolverhampton, Neves is unlike to any Englishman midfielder. He is not that physically strong, neither he was a tough destroyer. The young Portuguese lad is a genuinely talented midfielder. He is young, but decent player.

Neves celebrates a goal in the shirt of Wolverhampton. Photo: AFP

Frenkie De Jong

An expensive signature of Barcelona, Frenkie De Jong is definitely not a normal young lad. The talent from Holland will be the main play-maker of this squad and with the support from Neves and Tielemans, the Dutch maestro won’t have to concern about the defensive task. He can focus on moving the ball forward and play the game the way he likes to play – clinical, flair and beautiful.

A flair touch of Barcelona. Photo: AFP

Donny van de Beek

Another young lad from Holland is in this squad. Donny van de Beek is for sure having a bad time in the shirt of Manchester United, but he is fairly a good player. The Dutchman will play at the highest position of a diamond-shaped midfield. A lad of Manchester United might not have a good form right mow, but his talent deserves to be included in this squad.

Donny van de Beek in the shirt of Ajax. Photo: AFP


A powerful source of speed in the left wing, Richarlison is a good piece of three-front-men. His flair and pace will be a nightmare thing for the defense system. Theoretically, he can be the leading striker, but in order to maximize the outcome of his pace, I will put him on the wing side. Good speed of the player will cost the whole day for any team.

Richarlison scored a goal in the shirt of Everton. Photo: AFP

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese striker is someone that even non-soccer followers know. He for sure is the best player on the Ox squad of the soccer world. He can also be the captain of the whole team. No arguments about his talent as Ronaldo has shown up how good he is in the last 15 years. Apparently, Ronaldo has become the best player in the first half of the 21st century.

Ronaldo will be a perfect captain for this team. Photo: AFP

Mikel Oyarzabal

A second Spaniard in this squad alongside Albiol is Mikel Oyarzabal. The Spanish player of Real Soceidad is still a strange name to some soccer fans, but Oyarzabal will be an important part of this squad. Oyarzabal eventually was called up for the national team of Spain, and he could become a regular choice for the squad.

Ozaryabal in the shirt of Real Soceidad. Photo: AFP

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