Get inspired for your next trip to celebrate Hung Kings anniversary to not only show our deep gratitude for our origins, but also to have fun at various historical sites

Traveling to experience other cultures or visit places of historical and religious significance has always been a compelling motivation to get out and about. Embrace the spirit of gratitude of the upcoming Hung King’s Temple Festival from April 8-11 this year, reveals the top 5 most recommended historical destinations in Vietnam as endorsed by Vietnamese travelers on the platform. Whether it’s an active, adventurous trek to lesser-known historic sites or a mindful, quiet stroll through quaint old buildings, you’re in for a satisfying ride that will complement your love and appreciation for your motherland.

Most Recommended Historic Destinations in Vietnam as recommended by Vietnamese travelers on*

  1. tint
  2. Hanoi
  3. Ho Chi Minho
  4. Hi An
  5. Con Dao

1. tint

Once the national capital, cultural and political center of Vietnam, “The Lost Imperial City” of Huế is the center of Vietnamese traditions. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Hue is home to countless historical treasures, including royal mausoleums, the Imperial Citadel, sophisticated temples and pagodas. Most of the tourist experience here is visiting the famous Imperial City and the tombs of ancient emperors such as Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb or Minh Mang Tomb which are not only remnants of the iconic Nguyen dynasty but also architectural masterpieces. More religious places for a spiritual retreat include Huyen Tran Princess Temple, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tiger Arena, and Voi Re Temple. Combined with unique experiences such as a Huong River boat trip, exploring the Hue Royal Theater, participating in the Hue Festival or trying a Hue Royal Banquet dinner, this is a destination that every heritage-loving traveler must visit. visits.

Imperial Palace in Hue (Image: Getty Images)

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2. Ha Nic

Part of what makes Ha Noi the destination for travelers is its perfect balance of history, culture and modernity. The capital of Vietnam exudes charm, character and an ongoing cultural evolution and has no shortage of historical monuments. These include the Temple of Literature and National University, Hoa Lo Prison, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, St. Joseph Cathedral, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, and numerous pagodas and temples scattered throughout the city. In addition, just a 2-hour drive north will take you to Phu Tho, where the Hung King’s Temple Festival takes place, which is perfect for a one- or two-day trip from Ha Noi, allowing you to take part in one of the most important historical and cultural events in Vietnam.

Photo: Olivier Ochanine

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3. Hồ Chi Minh

With citizens frequenting here and visitors flocking in droves, Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the largest and most exciting metropolis in Vietnam as it hosts endless opportunities for fun and exploration. Take a step back from the infamously restless nightlife and frenetic pace of life, and you’ll be amazed at several historic sites – from the Reunification Palace which gives visitors a glimpse into the 1960s and the War Remnants Museum which recounts the horrors of the past reflects to the French colonial architectural heritage buildings such as the Duc Ba Church.

Photo: Olivier Ochanine

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4. Hi An

Reminiscent of the bygone port era, the ancient town of Hoi An is a heritage destination dear to many domestic and international travelers. With origins dating back two millennia before it became a major commercial port in the 15e and 16e For centuries, Hoi An has been home to more than a thousand wooden buildings, traditional pagodas, ancient clan houses and hundreds of years old shophouses that will take you back in the memory. The recommended way to visit many heritage sites is to stroll the town on foot, stopping occasionally at handicraft shops and villages to take in the tranquility of it all. Finally, take a short tour to My Son temple ruins to explore one of the most important Cham sites in Vietnam.

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An

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5. con o

There’s honestly nothing like Con Dao Island, where rugged mountains covered in dense forest and turquoise water fringed by coral reefs meet, where sublime nature becomes entwined with history. Used as a prison until 1975, the island has become an important pilgrimage site for Vietnamese travelers to pay their respects to the prisoners and revolutionaries such as the national martyr Vo Thi Sau. Visiting the Con Dao Museum and several prisons to see remnants of a formative chapter in Vietnam’s history and learn the stories behind past lives of the brave, patriotic, selfless inmates is a vital introduction to history. Con Dao’s remote location, rich historical values, modest tourism and breathtaking scenery offer travelers a unique experience like nothing else in the country.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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