The green city with a long cultural history, friendly people and reasonable prices is a top priority for many foreign tourists.

Hanoi is one of the best destinations along with Crete (Greece), Porto and Lisbon (Portugal), Seoul and Busan (South Korea), according to a list of “Best and Worst Cities to Travel Alone” compiled by the American travel website Buzz Feed .

###: Vietnam will operate 60,500 flights in February while Singapore Airlines will operate regular flights to Da Nang. resume

According to Hannah Loewentheil, staff writer of http://www.buzzfeed.comWhoever you are: A person who likes to travel alone or someone who only thinks about the first solo adventure, there are certain destinations that are especially great for solo travelers. “So I got the reactions from the of the best and worst destinations for anyone thinking of traveling alone,” she wrote.

Hannah also suggests to travelers that there are always risks associated with any type of travel, so it’s important to do your own research and take precautions whether you’re going alone or with a group.

A green tropical city…

A Reddit member called u/dubz12 commented that Hanoi is one of the best cities for solo travelers, and it’s the best option in Southeast Asia. “The city has charm, culture, hospitality and affordable prices, while other urban hubs such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur have undergone major modernization,” he noted.

“In Hanoi, there are many lively hostels full of backpackers near the French Quarter and its beautiful architecture. It is very easy to meet fellow travelers here to travel to the northern reaches of Vietnam (Sapa, Ha Giang) or go to Saigon,” he added.

For Deborah Noland, an expatriate from Australia, the first thing she associated with the capital was water. “I arrived in Hanoi in a particularly severe tropical storm in August 2004, where the road and lanes quickly filled with warm, ankle-deep rainwater,” she told The Hanoi Times.

“The next later, when I decided to stay longer here in Hanoi, I always chose to live near the lakes of Hanoi,” she added.

In fact, Hanoi itself is named after water, with “Ha” meaning river and “Noi” meaning inner. The city is known for owning quite a few lakes, including West Lake, Truc Bach Lake, Ngoc Khanh Lake, and of course the iconic Hoan Kiem Lake.

It is said that most of the lakes in Hanoi are natural, as part of former branches of the Red River that fertilized the place and made it the country’s capital since the 11th century.

Green trees, beautiful lakes and peaceful atmosphere all around is another impression of visitors to Hanoi, in addition to the old houses from the colonial period, the Asian architecture of pagodas and temples, or the historical remains. It is also one of the reasons why many prefer Hanoi to the busy and stuffy Saigon.

† with great culinary

Another tourist attraction of the capital, according to Deborah, is the old quarter of Hanoi.

The site now faces major and complex changes as a result of adaptations to social development. Some old houses and streets have been replaced by new and modern blocks.

“But the old town is still charming with its small and beautiful mossy house. This is a very attractive place for tourists to explore and experience. What appeals to tourists about this place are all the values ​​of the capital’s original beauty,” she stated.

In the old quarter of Hanoi, not only the traditional houses that confirm the old accents, but also cultural, historical, religious features and especially the cuisine.

A staff writer for Australian travel magazine Lonely Planet noted that gastronomy is a uniquely attractive feature of Hanoi.

In an article titled “Ten Destinations Perfect for Solo Travel,” published in June 2021, Lonely Planet also praised Vietnam as the only Southeast Asian country to be crowned “the best of the best for its food.”

It also suggested that “a street food tour of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City would be the funkiest part of travelers’ journey to the country”.

According to the travel guide’s website, Hanoi is most popular for giving travelers the experience of appreciating French colonial architecture, as well as discovering the history of the Old Quarter.

It is also equally rich in showcasing diverse and traditional cuisines in Vietnam and the world with its healthy and tasty dishes in colorful flavors.

“The best food in Hanoi is cheap yet tasty treats found in the narrow alleys and bustling street markets of the Old Quarter,” noted the Lonely Planet writer.

Some typical Hanoi dishes that travelers to the capital of Vietnam should not miss are the world famous Pho or beef noodle soup with different variants with beef or chicken; the delicious Bun Cha Hanoi or grilled pork served with rice noodles and sweet and sour dipping sauce; and the Cha ca or fried sardines served with shrimp paste and fresh noodles, according to the Lonely Planet.

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