The recently launched fashion collection under the combination of Gucci and Adidas has rocked the fashion world. In addition to the impressive outfits with decorative motifs from two high-end brands, a number of accessories stand out equally well, usually a luxury umbrella with a price of USD 1,290.

Attractive products are not inferior to other items with impressive colors and textures. In particular, the G-shaped birch handle is a really precious detail.

The Gucci x Adidas umbrella took a backlash for costing $1,300 but failing to cover the rain - Photo 1.

Gucci and adidas umbrellas. Photo: Gucci

Despite these highlights, however, consumers in China expressed their frustration, saying: Jing Daily † The hashtag “non-waterproof collab umbrella sold for 11,000 yuan” (a waterproof umbrella sold for 11,000 yuan) garnered hundreds of millions of views on Weibo. The beautiful Gucci x Adidas umbrella cannot withstand the rain and cannot fully protect its owner from it. Gucci’s online store also states: “Please note, this item is not waterproof and is used for sun protection or decoration.”

What pisses buyers off is why a manufacturer can’t make something useful for such an expensive price. An umbrella that can’t stand rain is just as useless as bottled air.

However, the luxury brand reacted quickly and changed the product name from “rain umbrella” to just “umbrella”. For many others, it’s just fashionable, beautiful, and doesn’t necessarily make sense for any reason.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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