The good news for perfumers is that the inventors are doing research to create a very special perfume that will last up to 2 years. This is done on the basis of old documents and chemical analysis technology. All of them are based on the famous historical figure – the most powerful queen of ancient Egypt Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s “Secret Weapon”

Cleopatra is short for Queen Cleopatra VII Philopator (January 69 BC – August 12, 30 BC). She was a female pharaoh, also known as the emperor of ancient Egypt.

At the age of 17 she came to rule Egypt. From then until the year 39 (30 BC) she left many unforgettable impressions. According to historical records, she was the last member of the Ptolemaic family – a Greek family that ruled Egypt for 300 years.

There will be a perfume that keeps its fragrance for 2 years, used by the famous queen of the ancient world - Photo 1.

Everyone knows that Queen Cleopatra always has a “secret weapon” to seduce men. She is known for her beauty, strength and wisdom.

According to historical records, she had two famous love affairs. One was with the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. The second was with the powerful Roman general Mark Antony. To this day many people still wonder what Cleopatra did to win the hearts of two powerful men?

One of several reasons historians give is that Cleopatra had a knack for using scents. As an intelligent person, Cleopatra herself came up with very different ways to make herself more attractive and attractive.

There will be a perfume that keeps its fragrance for 2 years, used by the famous queen of the ancient world - Photo 2.

One is the use of fragrance essential oils. There are also many records, she was the first person to give birth and create a perfume that is widely used to this day.

At the time, the incense she used was simply essential oils of flowers, woods, and even musk. She knows how to adjust the dosage, to use it for the right purpose and for the right target group.

More intelligent is that she knows how to combine to radiate scent around her. Even to add to the charm, Cleopatra also used musk to apply on the eyebrows, used perfume to apply on the lips to boost men’s sense of smell.

Cleopatra Queen Cleopatra’s Long Lasting Fragrance

Recently, in a new study published in the journal Near Eastern Archeology, the inventors say they are trying to create a compound similar to the perfume once used by Queen Cleopatra. used by combining formulas from historical documents and chemical analysis.

In ancient times, the Egyptians were famous for their fragrance production. In the time of Cleopatra, the Egyptians had 3000 years of experience and mastery in making perfumes.

There will be a perfume that keeps its scent for 2 years, used by the famous queen of the ancient world - Photo 3.

Shortly after her death, a book of perfume recipes attributed to the Queen went viral. 2000 years later, scientists are trying to recreate the same process and components.

The report in the journal Near Eastern Archeology says: “The basis of ancient Egyptian perfumes and antioxidants was vegetable oil or tallow rather than modern alcohol as we know it today. produced by smoke from burning myrrh, bark and herbs. Or by impregnating resins, flowers, herbs, spices and wood.”

There will be a perfume that keeps its scent for 2 years, used by the famous queen of the ancient world - Photo 4.

What is disturbing, however, is that the precise meaning of the Egyptian hieroglyphs used to record these formulas has faded over time. The names of the oils used in Cleopatra’s rituals have been identified. But they are not sure of their composition.

The Greek and Roman records are easier to translate, but less reliable because the author is often not “in the world” and does not produce the perfume himself.

Recently, the discovery of what appears to be a perfume factory in Thmouis has opened up new opportunities.

Thmouis is an extension of Mendes, whose perfume is famous throughout the Mediterranean. Archaeologists have found many ceramic perfume bottles here. Experts believe that they have been exported abroad for commercial purposes and not sold domestically.

There will be a perfume that keeps its scent for 2 years, used by the famous queen of the ancient world - Photo 5.

The scientists used X-ray fluorescence to analyze the molecules in the vials, including the Nile sediment used to make the vials and the residue of the contents inside.

Combining historical texts with modern chemical analysis, Dr. Dora Goldsmith of the Frele University of Berlin and Dr Sean Coughlin of the Humboldt University of Berlin explore a wide range of potential substances in the hope of finding the scent of perfume. Cleopatra.

Using a variety of ingredients and processing methods, said Dr. Dora and Sean the results: “We have created an extremely pleasant fragrance, with the sharp aroma of ground myrrh, cinnamon, accompanied by a sweet scent”.

More specifically, the attractive scent can be preserved for up to 2 years, which is in line with reports that Egyptian perfumes retain their quality during transport.

While Cleopatra’s exact perfume will likely never be confirmed, visitors to the National Geographic Museum’s 2019 Queens of Egypt exhibit had the chance to smell something close to it. her perfume. At that time, the manufacturers called it Eau de Cleopatra.

In addition to fragrance, this blend also contains antifungal and antibacterial agents that help block unpleasant odors and allow the desired fragrance to flow.

Source: IFLScience

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