Fujifilm GFX100S 102MP has officially been launched, which is the fourth model in its GFX series of medium format cameras.

The Fujifilm GFX100S 102MP is largely a compact and cheaper version of the critically acclaimed GFX100 that launched in 2019.

The GFX100S displays the same 102 MP back-illuminated medium format sensor as the GFX100. The medium format sensors are larger than the standard 35mm full frame sensors, and the GFX100S’s is approximately 1.7 times larger than any full frame sensor on the market. This allows it to have a more efficient low-light performance, shallower depth of field, and higher resolution without making individual pixels too small.

However, the most impressive innovation of the GFX100S is its size. Despite being packaged in such a large sensor, the camera is only slightly larger than a traditional full frame mirrorless camera and significantly smaller than the GFX100. This makes it easy to own and transport a medium format camera and use it in more situations than stationary studio work. While it’s worth remembering that the lenses will likely still be quite large due to the massive Fujifilm G mount.

Fujifilm launches the GFX100S 102MP medium format camera
The back of new Fujifilm camera.

Despite its smaller size, the GFX100S has an updated version of built-in image stabilization, which is 20% smaller and 10% lighter, but still manages to deliver 6 stops of image stabilization, 0 , 5 more stops than the GFX100.

The camera is also made from a magnesium alloy body with an even denser body around the lens mount than the GFX100. It is dust and moisture resistant and can operate in temperatures as low as -10 ° C.

The GFX100S can also shoot 4K 30p video at 400Mbps 10-bit 4: 2: 0 F-Log internally or 10-bit 4: 2: 2 F-Log or 12-bit RAW externally via HDMI. The camera supports HLG, HEVC and Apple ProRes 12-bit RAW.

Fujifilm launches the GFX100S 102MP medium format camera
Front side of it.

On the back, the GFX100S has a 3.68 million dot OLED fixed viewfinder as well as a tilting 3.2 inch 2.36 million dot LCD touchscreen. On top is a 1.8 inch LCD screen to display your current settings.

The GFX100S is priced at $ 6,000, which might sound like a lot, but it’s one of the more affordable medium format cameras on the market and significantly cheaper than the $ 10,000 GFX100, which it’s really similar to. Granted, medium format lenses always cost an arm and a leg, but if you want to step into the world of large format photography, this might be the easiest and most affordable option.


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