Former Apple Executive N'Jeri Eaton will Now be Leading Netflix's Podcast Operations
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Former Apple Executive N’Jeri Eaton will Now be Leading Netflix’s Podcast Operations

Netflix is now getting Apple’s former executive N’Jeri Eaton to help lead their upcoming podcast operations as the new Chief Marketing Officer or CMO. As the podcast industry massively spreads gaining more and more audience, a number of big tech companies are deciding to invest more into this segment.

Netflix Hires Former Apple Executive

According to 9to5mac, just recently, Netflix decided to hire a former Apple executive.

Netflix has just hired N’Jeri Eaton to lead the Podcasting Operations at the company that is responsible for the largest streaming service for both movies and TV shows.

The original hiring was reported by Bloomberg. Eaton reportedly left Apple just recently and is expected to join Netflix some time later this month. Netflix notes that she will be leading the company’s very own podcast projects and will also be reporting to none other than Bonoma Saint, the chief marketing officer, who is also another former Apple executive.

Netflix VS Apple TV+

Netflix has been reportedly creating podcasts about its own original movies and series. This is a strategy that Apple has already been doing with its own Apple TV+.

It was noted that Eaton is expected to manage Netflix’s slate of new podcasts and that most of which are actually related to its very own original TV series and movies. The company has also made certain companion podcasts to “The Irishman” by Martin Scorsese as well as some other TV shows like “The Crown” or the action filled “The Witcher.”

Apple TV+ Podcasts

The company reportedly also produces podcasts that are still more broadly about pop culture or even feature stars from its own programs. These include programs like “Okay, Now Listen” which is hosted by Sylvia Obell and Scottie Beam.

Apple previously launched the first ever TV+ companion podcast back in February 2021. The companion was reportedly related to Apple’s original series called “For All Mankind.” The podcast would feature certain interviews with cast members as well as other space experts. The podcast is also reportedly available exclusively on Apple Podcasts.

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What can Fans Expect from Netflix Podcasts?

For those that are a fan of Netflix movies and TV series, having a podcast to tackle more in-depth behind the scenes content could really be something interesting. With the growing competition in streaming services, Netflix is also trying to expand their offerings by maybe dipping into podcasting.

Although podcasting for Netflix might be within its early stages, with the addition of yet another former executive from Apple, the streaming service might be looking into scaling its podcast offering. It is still unknown what other features viewers might be able to get with the addition of the new executive or if the Eaton’s joining with Netflix is strictly towards the marketing efforts alone and has nothing to do with what Netflix podcasts are offering in general.

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