Facebook Meta Reality Labs Acquires Supernatural VR Workout App Maker
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Facebook Meta Reality Labs Acquires Supernatural VR Workout App Maker

Facebook Meta Reality Labs is now acquiring the Supernatural VR workout app maker. With the company’s official announcement on its plans to focus on the metaverse, the acquisition of Supernatural’s creator is expected to operate directly under Meta’s Reality Labs.

Facebook Rebrands Itself as Meta

According to the story by Engadget, Facebook reportedly made it quite clear that the company is now focusing on the metaverse. This was made really obvious with the company’s decision to rebrand itself as Meta. This is Facebook’s latest acquisition and part of its efforts towards the metaverse.

It was noted that Jason Rubin, the official vice president of Metaverse Content, has reportedly revealed that Meta bought Within, as noted by CNet. Within is the creator of the popular virtual reality workout app known as Supernatural for Oculus Quest headsets.

Supernatural Purchased by Facebook Meta

A representative coming from Within had previously described Supernatural to Engadget. It was noted that it was part Beat Saber, part Guitar Hero, and part Dance Dance Revolution along with their whole body.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Facebook without memes as the new Meta announcement also showed a number of memes coming out and circulating online. The Facebook Meta meme has been circulating online with competitors like Twitter also poking at the announcement joking around then saying they would still continue to be Twitter. This is just one of the many memes out in circulation.

VR Fitness Experiences

In yet another announcement, as per TechCrunch, Chris Milk, Within CEO as well as Leanne Pedante, Head of fitness, noted that its coaches, managers, and choreographers will reportedly continue being part of the said team. They will reportedly work directly on VR fitness experiences for Supernatural independently under Meta’s very own Reality Labs.

It was stated that while Within will have to directly answer to its new parent company moving forward, Milk’s as well as Pedante’s statement noted that the acquisition will give them access to even more resources. This would include more music, more features, as well as more social experiences.

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Facebook Meta Announcement

In Supernatural, it was noted that users will have to hit certain colored orbs that are flying directly at the user from a number of different VR environments through the use of the controllers. It was stated that the balls will then shatter if users will be able to hit them with just enough force.

The balls will only float away if users won’t be able to hit it with enough force. Users will get scored at the end based on how users will do. It was stated that Supernatural already has a 30-day free trial period. After this period, users will then have to pay $19 per month in order to continue access.

Facebook’s new Meta announcement has had a massive effect on game concept tokens. Ever since Facebook’s Meta announcement, there has been a significant increase in game concept tokens.

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