This is not the case, but this is one of the songs featured in TP.HCM - on 1.

Từng mê xê dịch, thường xuyên du lịch trong và ngoài nước dịp nghỉ lễ, bản thân tôi luôn cảm thấy mỏi mệt vì cảm giác nằm suis sui sui sui sui s suời s suời s suời tại ợi s suờ.

The obsession with crowds flocking to the holidays made me decide not to go on vacation for the past six years. Instead, I took advantage of my free time to “live slowly” or simply design a plan for myself at home (staycation) in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the same mood as me, Ms. M. (living in Tan Binh district) said: “Although I am very passionate about travelling, I usually absolutely limit the time I have to go on vacation. The sun is hot, uncomfortable and the smell of gasoline is too much. , the surrounding motorbike makes me uncomfortable, annoyed with my fellow travelers around, making going out not fun at all. In addition, the holiday restaurant serving too many people will lead to price increase, overcrowding, not as attentive as usual”.

Instead of getting tired of this ‘sprint’ outing, we can take this opportunity to learn to ‘live slowly’, and design our own ‘staycation’ experience plan here. HCMC. Personally, I have found a plan for myself and my family for the next few days in the simplest way, without spending a lot of time, money and energy.

The first day of the holiday April 30, May 1 this year is Saturday, think of it as a normal weekend, get up early to clean the house, then my whole family goes for coffee like every other week.

Instead of traveling hard to go to faraway places, you can absolutely choose for yourself a beautiful coffee shop with many green areas to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation outdoors. Loved ones.

The whole family will have breakfast, drink coffee, let the kids relax and have fun. To shelter from the sun, the whole family will have fun and have lunch at the restaurant and then return to rest. To avoid having to cook hard, we order pizza to eat at home and watch movies together.

This is not the case, but this is the only way to make this music choice in TP.HCM - on 2.

Cycling to explore the city during the vacation will help you and your family make more beautiful memories – Illustration: CHAU TUAN

On the second day off, to give the kids the chance to be close to nature and have more experiences together, the whole family decided to do a “city tour”, seeing the whole city by double-decker bus. Sitting in a windy bus, it is an extreme feeling to see every very famous place in the city such as the City Post Office, Notre Dame, Independence Palace, Bach Dang Wharf… with a completely different perspective. amazingly interesting.

My kids love to ride public bikes and watch the city slowly. I also agree with this idea, so I decided to rent a bike and take the kids to see the city on vacation.

The last two days off, to change the mood, my family had a date with old friends at a friend’s house in Cu Chi and had a barbecue together. The campus of my friend’s garden in Cu Chi is quite large, with both a playground and a swimming pool, suitable for children to play, run and jump. This is also an opportunity for us to slow down, ask questions and talk about everything about each other’s lives.


Source: Vietnam Insider


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