Money probably can’t buy happiness but it can certainly buy bitterness, which only gets worse when stirred among family members and in relationships. Matters related to property division, estate planning, asset transfer, divorce and so on can lead to some of the ugliest of family feuds. We have all heard distasteful tales of once loving and cordial family members whose relations became bad blood due to such legal battles and the ensuing courtroom drama.

This is why legal matters related to writing a will, divorce, asset transfer etc. are an integral part of one’s personal finances. This is a component that often gets neglected right until old age but actually, needs to be given just as much, if not more, importance as say planning for one’s retirement or any other long-term financial goal. We are here to remind you that this task should not be procrastinated or brushed under the rug.

That is the rationale behind ET Wealth launching the ‘Legal/Will’ section. This new section will cover a whole gamut of topics related to writing a will, how to make a will difficult to challenge, legal heirs of a woman, legal heirs of a man, property rights of a daughter, custody of child in a divorce and much more.

Click here to visit the ‘Legal/Will’ section; do bookmark this page as we will be regularly writing articles on various topics on legal matters related to personal finance, or pass it on to someone who you think might need help with legal issues.

Here is a sampler of stories we have already covered:

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