Elon Musk confirms that his Tesla employees, who have the luxury of owning the company’s electric vehicles, will also get the Full-Self Driving feature the company offers for all of its cars. The FSD is limited to those with high driving safety scores as determined by the vehicle’s systems before the beta feature can work on the car.

Tesla is now allowing employees to let FSD drive them home from work and vice versa, according to a satire tweet.

FSD: Tesla employees can use the home-to-work feature

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A tweet from an online blogger, Whole Mars Catalog, uses a satirical article to praise Elon Musk’s move to bring its FSD beta features to the cars of the Tesla employees who have the electric vehicle. The setup would allow employees to use the Tesla FSD Beta from their respective homes to on-site work and vice versa.

The article is satire and the piece says that Tesla employees are using the FSD beta against their will, something that is not possible in real life as there is currently no AI takeover of the feature. It also came from the ‘Babylon Bee’, a news agency famous for using real news and giving it a different perspective.

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Elon Musk Confirms Employees Have FSD

Musk too responds satirically to this tweet, but it also confirms that employees have the FSD feature on their eligible Tesla cars to use for a variety of needs, including going to work. He said it’s part of his “devilish plan” to have the FSD work against the employee’s will, and it confirmed whether employees would receive it.

However, it seems that users still need to have a high driving safety score to request the feature in their cars.

Tesla FSD Features

The Tesla FSD still has its beta features and there are no announcements yet for its upcoming wide release to anyone or for an exact date when it will come. As Tesla CEO and champion of free speech, Musk has of course talked about the wide release of the FSD online, but it seems these are empty claims.

Tesla is now focusing on using the FSD with a new form of technology, and it wouldn’t be with the previous “radar” the company has previously focused on, especially with its Autopilot and FSD. Older vehicles received radar, but later releases use the surround-body cameras that provide all-round visibility and also receive LiDAR.

The FSD is still improving hence the beta mode which focuses on offering different releases to a limited number of users as they think their feature is not ready for everyone to use yet. However, according to Musk’s latest tweet, the employees are part of the beta feature program, and it’s on their daily journeys for their convenience.

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