In today’s world, perhaps only Elon Musk is the one who can create the unthinkable. The ideas of this famous billionaire sometimes ridicule the public and think that he is wasting the money he has in vain. However, those seemingly impossible things are gradually being realized by Elon Musk, the only one who can bring the future closer to the present. This year, with the Tesla tunnel under Las Vegas, Elon Musk has made this sleepless city even more alive underground, and of course people who love play online casinos able to book the gambling paradise in a flash thanks to the tunnel he created. Don’t rush to laugh at what Elon Musk says, because he seriously made them with a higher purpose, and more importantly, if what he said gradually becomes a reality, the most modern world will be in the palm of our hand.

The idea of ​​tunnels

Before we talk about tunnels, let’s see why Elon Musk decided to build them in Las Vegas. Everyone knows Las Vegas with its dazzling casinos, endless nights, the most luxurious entertainment areas and the place that welcomes tens of millions of visitors every year. Especially in Las Vegas, no one has ever set foot here without experiencing the world’s best casinos, online casinos will gradually be realized and all players even in the farthest cities will have the opportunity to come to the largest gambling capital of the United States to experience these great things.

Musk has been cooking on the idea of ​​tunnels for a long time. This billionaire knows how to use the money for the right purpose, and more deeply, he is willing to spend his own money to serve society. Elon Musk recognizes society’s major problems and is eager to find a way to solve and improve them. The problems he investigates and finds solutions are all open problems and cost a lot of money, but money is not a problem for Elon Musk, because he thinks the problem is more serious than the cost is the solution. And one of his most prominent projects of late is the creation of The Boring Company.

In 2016, Musk announced the opening of a company with the lofty goal of ending decades of severe traffic congestion in the city, saying his company would exacerbate this situation. disappeared without a trace and confirms that he will only bring good things to the world he lives in. On June 8, Musk opened the first Loop tunnel that ran through the metro of the bustling city of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas National Convention Center. Musk has simplified the idea of ​​solving traffic jams by driving vehicles underground. The human experience of travel and sightseeing will be served by the latest Tesla vehicles with the most advanced technology completely underground.

Musk describes the building as a system of tunnels with many floors underground, cars are taken to the basement via automatic elevators and can enter the tunnel at incredible speeds. surprised. With this system, the founder of electric car company Tesla believes he can find a solution to the problem of traffic congestion in large cities.

Immediately after voicing his bold idea, Musk received mixed reactions, many people said he did not know what to do with the money he had, many people scoffed at this idea and stated that it was not possible, and many people thought that maybe people with a lot of money usually live differently from others and think they live unrealistically. Because really with the resources Musk had at the time of his statement and the sheer amount of money planned to serve this idea, it wasn’t reasonable at all. However, this year’s joke is becoming reality.

The tunnel under the city that never sleeps Las Vegas is being realized

Elon Musk said confidently that the movement of cars in the tunnel is completely possible, it will be moved as small carriages and have a separate tire structure. This tire structure is not only suitable for Tesla cars, but can also be used on all electric vehicles in the future. Musk confirmed that if this system is put into operation and successful as he planned, people will be able to move freely under Las Vegas at a speed of 150 mph, at this speed you will fly like an arrow and experience wonderful feelings that are not have been found elsewhere. And he really delivered what he promised this year.

Passengers board the bus and run through the tunnel, reaching the other end of the tunnel in the blink of an eye. The Vegas Loop tunnel is approximately 2.7 km long with the most modern LED system in the world. The tunnel will have a total of 3 stops to pick up passengers, with guests being able to connect flexibly to the underground routes via two stations on the ground and one underground station. Beneath the city of Las Vegas, 62 Tesla cars will be running at full capacity and continuously moving to pick up and drop off passengers. With what Elon Musk created, the walking distance through the City Convention Center Las Vegas will shrink to only about 2 minutes, when in fact it takes us almost 30 minutes if we move around the ground.

Wynn Las Vegas and Resorts World Las Vegas are both interested in this project and look forward to working together to connect the tunnel destination to their location. The tunnel project has a cost. estimated at USD 52.9 million, part of a larger area expansion plan worth USD 968 million. More than three quarters of the tunnels have been completed. If this partnership is successful, the online casino industry will have to be really wary as people will be more interested in traveling under the tunnel to get to the casino facilities on the ground than the online experience as before.

Musk will continue to produce specialized boards to allow the car to move underground with ease. This specialized motion system will limit the undisciplined and unprocessed movement of cars, while increasing the compatibility of electric vehicles designed to optimize their performance. The first tunnel to open in Los Angeles in 2018 was open for passenger use when Musk suggested that the tunnel’s starting point would be parking lots, where drivers could start their journey from there and move slowly along the tunnel system. Transport compartments that can accommodate up to 16 people get passengers to their destination in no time at all at speeds of up to 240 km/h. Specifically, if passengers want to go to LAX International Airport, they only need to spend 1 USD and will be at the airport after traveling 8 minutes underground from the city center.

from Musk The boring company is expected to launch even more daring and surreal ideas with the aim of helping people move into three-dimensional space, in which space underground is currently the number one priority. Traffic jams are just a small thing for what The Boring Company creates, people no longer have to get bored with traffic jams and have to move minute by minute to go to work or home.

With high efficiency and low construction costs, if widely adopted, Elon Musk’s tunnel will be a practical solution to traffic congestion in the city in the future. Hopefully Elon Musk’s contributions will soon be realized and put to use so that everyone can experience the most modern and convenient lifestyle. The city of Las Vegas, thanks to Elon Musk, will help those who only play online casinos the vibrant atmosphere of the world’s most famous gambling paradise, and people should probably be grateful and proud that the world has produced people like Elon Musk, a billion brave and sincerely committed to society.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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