No judgment here! It’s great to be able to wear your scars with chest-pounding pride. But sometimes you may want to cover them up with tattoos for example. Yes, tattoos are good. They look great and resemble scars in a way.

Getting tattoos designed over your scars may only sound easy when it isn’t. While the process itself, or rather the final design, may be exactly what you wanted, tattooing over imperfections does require a tremendous amount of attention.

During this discussion, expect to see every aspect of tattoo over a scar– including conversations about patience, steps to follow, choice of artist, choice of tattoo, pain-specific expectations, and also the exclusive aftercare regime. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dig deeper into the basics.

Prepare yourself well

The first step to getting a tattoo is preparation. And the step becomes all the more important if you plan on doing it on an existing scar. A good process here would be to start with a few dermatological consultations, followed by visits to the tattoo artists, just to check the inks and machines they use.

You should also understand that a scar generally takes almost 6 months to heal. So, if you have one, give it time to heal before subjecting it to something as demanding as a tattoo.

Gianna Caranfa, one of the leading globally recognized tattooists, believes it’s good to give a cut at least a year to heal before planting a tattoo around it.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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