Disaster Girl Meme NFT Sells for Around $500K Falling Short of $105K In Comparison to the Nyan Cat Meme NFT
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Disaster Girl Meme NFT Sells for Around $500K Falling Short of $105K In Comparison to the Nyan Cat Meme NFT

NFTs are taking over the art scene but they aren’t just limited to art! NFTs stretch throughout the realm of digital content and as of recent, more and more unusual NFTs are being sold. Or are they really unusual?

Disaster Girl NFT

While NFTs are oftentimes closely partnered with art, NFT itself or non-fungible tokens are basically pieces of digital content that exist on the blockchain and its ownership can be sold, bought, and transferred. With this being said, even memes can become NFTs as long as they are legitimately owned by the one selling it.

According to Engadget, for those that are familiar with the world of memes, one of the “oh no” memes, the one of the Disaster Girl, has officially become a meme! The big news is not just the Disaster Girl NFT itself but the fact that it was actually able to sell for a whopping $500,000!

Disaster Girl NFT Price

The popular “Disaster Girl” photo had previously sparked a thousand of different memes and is now the latest to make it quite big in the NFT world. Zoe Roth, a certain 21-year-old college student whose face went pretty viral as the “Disaster Girl,” sold the meme as an NFT and was able to make around $500,000 worth of Ether, according to the The New York Times.

The official auction initially took place some time earlier this month, on the particular auction site known as Foundation. Roth reportedly plans to use the gained funds in order to pay for school as well as make certain donations to charity, according to her statement to The Times.

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Other NFTs Like First Tweet and Nyan Cat

The now quite iconic image dates back all the way to 2005, when her own father, David Roth, snapped the popular photo in their own neighborhood while he was watching local firefighters try to control a burn. Eventually, he then entered it into a certain content and officially won! The photo was then quickly picked up by a lot of different internet forums, according to Know Your Meme.

While the $500,000 price might already seem like the highest price that a meme could fetch, it’s actually not the first time that an old meme was able to fetch extremely high prices as an NFT. The artist behind the famous Nyan Cat sold the meme as a Nyan Cat NFT based on a previously viral 2011 clip for a whopping $605,000 some time earlier this year!

Aside from memes on the internet, NFT goes way further and even includes other pieces of digital content. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even reportedly sold the first tweet in existence as an NFT. The price for the first tweet NFT was $3 million and yes, someone was willing to pay the price to buy the tweet itself!


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