With an impressive increase in visitors during the 30/4-1/5 holiday season, many unique new products available only in Da Nang, tourism in the Han River city has made a vibrant comeback and promises spectacular breakthroughs in 2022.

Tourists are on the rise

According to statistics, the total number of visitors to Da Nang during the four-day holiday is estimated at more than 254,000 arrivals, an increase of more than 3.4 times compared to the same period in 2021.

With domestic visitors reaching about 246,600 turns, an increase of more than 3.3 times; International visitors reached about 7,400 arrivals, an increase of almost 16 times from the same period in 2021 as international routes had not reopened last year.

Although just reopened, the Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area attracts the highest number of tourists in Da Nang during this holiday, with the number of visitors increasing by 55% compared to the same period in 2021. In addition, other destinations also attract high numbers of visitors such as the Nui Than Tai hot spring park that welcomes about 25,000 guests; A special national relic, the famously scenic Marble Mountains welcomes approximately 13,000 visitors…

Officially reopened from April 30 after a long period of lockdown for epidemic prevention, Asia Park also attracted an impressive number of visitors, an increase of more than 300% from the same period last year.

The return of a large number of tourists has brought a jubilant and bustling atmosphere to the city by the Han River during the last holiday of April 30 and May 1, marking the period of full recovery of tourism in Da Nang.

“The number of tourists over the last holiday shows that Da Nang’s tourism industry is showing real signs of recovery after being badly hit by the epidemic for a long time. These are also positive signs for an upcoming and exciting summer season for tourists, while also providing another opportunity to welcome the influx of international tourists during the peak season from September to early next year,” said Nguyen Van Binh – President of Sun Group in the central region shared.

The key to “waking up”

It can be said that tourism in Da Nang has undergone a revolution in innovating products and services to attract tourists, to get a breakthrough in the recovery journey after a long time hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remember that the last Lunar New Year – which is considered an opportunity to promote tourism again after the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic – is in contrast to the excitement of destinations such as Da Lat, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc, Sa Pa… Tourism in Da Nang is quite calm. Many destinations, hotels closed with bolts, few guests.

Faced with that situation, at the beginning of February 2022, at a meeting with the leaders of Sun Group in Sun World Ba Na Hills, Da Nang’s leaders expressed the wish that the government would guide the leading enterprises in the city to create new products, old renew products, add unique value to tourism, determined to get Da Nang back on track.

Immediately afterwards, with the drastic leadership of the city government and the initiative and flexibility of the business community, tourism in Da Nang seemed to take a new breath. A series of new products and services have been created and built, many events and programs are held continuously, creating a cheering and colorful atmosphere for Da Nang tourism. In addition, the city has actively reopened, advertised international flights and attracted foreign tourists to return.

Since March 15, after reopening to international tourists, the city has organized a series of activities, events and announced new products to attract visitors, such as: the National Marathon Da Nang International Festival, Hot Air Balloon Festival; organized to welcome the first 2 international routes from Singapore and Thailand…

In order to serve people and tourists to have fun and entertain themselves during the holidays of April 30 and May 1 this year, the tourism industry of Da Nang has announced a series of attractive programs and events with the theme “Enjoy Da Nang”.

In addition to the city, companies are also constantly launching new products. Sun World Ba Na Hills of Sun Group launches Time Gate, Moon Castle, Sun God Waterfall, B’estival 2022 Food and Beer Festival and thematic show “The battle of the Moon Kingdom”…

Sau Cầu Vàng, Sun World Ba Na Hills mang bất ngờ gì n du khách?  - Du lịch - ZINGNEWS.VN

Many new items on Ba Na Hills are also implemented by this company so that it can constantly surprise visitors when they come to Da Nang.

As revealed by the representative of Sun World Ba Na Hills, this resort will continuously launch unique and stylish products never seen before in Da Nang from now until 2025, such as: Museum combined with natural landscape; Tropical and flower gardens, green carpets… Wine cellar with professional wine production process on top of Ba Na, volcano show; Show roses…

The talking numbers during the last holiday from April 30 to May 1, along with the efforts of leading enterprises to create unique products, believe that Da Nang tourism will return to the throne, through breakthroughs were even more spectacular than before.

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