More than 2,200 deaths caused by COVID-19 has been registered in the United States, and it matched the peak of April. Coronavirus has been an urgent problem in the U.S., and since the beginning of the global pandemic, the U.S. is also the nation that suffered from the virus the most.

For the first time, the U.S. reached the average number of 200,000 infected cases of coronavirus. Despite the certain number of infections, coronavirus in the U.S. can be worsened due to the approaching holidays in the year. Vaccine doses will essentially be the savior for the U.S., and the whole world from the virus. In Washington state, Governor Jay Inslee recently had to extend the social distancing regulation since the infected cases in Washington have the pattern of increasing.

“What we do now literally will be a matter of life and death for many of our citizens,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said on AP. “At the moment, we have to face reality, and the reality is that we are suffering a very dire situation with the pandemic.”

Washington used to be the largest infected region of the U.S. on February when the first coronavirus case was found in the state, and what gov. Inslee has done is necessary for the state in terms of tackling the infection of coronavirus. In the other regions of the U.S., governors are busier than usual, tackling and preventing the spread of coronavirus as fast as possible. In North Carolina, the governor applied the 10 p.m curfew in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley, a massive number of cell phone calls has been made in order to convince citizens to follow the stay-at-home orders.

More than 285,000 lives have been taken by the virus and about 15 million infections have been registered in the U.S.

COVID-19 reached a new dangerous number. Photo: AFP

Sadly, this scenario is contributed by the fact that several Americans have not followed the social distancing regulation and traveling in the Thanksgiving time. Though family gathering is a beautiful tradition of America, doing it with out caring about the outcome is so neglected and harmful. Southern California police recently arrested a group of 160 people partying during the social distancing time.

Former Sen. Larry Dixon of Alabama confessed in regret that he ignored the danger of COVID-19. “Sweetheart, we messed up. We just dropped our guard. … We’ve got to tell people this is real,” his best friend expressed what his last words to his wife.

Even though Dixon asked people living in Alabama to wear mask, he himself broke the regulation when he met with a friend in a restaurant for “prayers meeting.” Despite this danger, former president Donald Trump and his allies denied the effect of coronavirus. Some of them even described the disease as a Chinese myth.

Ironically, Trump suffered from the virus, and recently his allies – Rudy Giuliani – struggled with the virus infection.

Rudy Giuliani tests positive for coronavirus
Giuliani is the latest in Trump’s circle to get infected with coronavirus. Photo: Reuters

A huge vaccine campaign is the game-changing factor for the U.S., but it takes months in order to accomplish a vaccine campaign for a whole nation.

About 22,000 new cases of coronavirus have been observed in California, and 12% of citizens will inevitably being treated in hospitals for 2 to 3 weeks. The shortage of intensive care units makes the problem worsen since the peaking amount of patients might not have enough space for treatment. Southern California’s Riverside University Health System Medical Center fears that they would not have enough ICUs beds for patients.

In Georgia, more than 70% of citizens are tested positive for coronavirus or being suspected that carry the virus. Fortunately that Georgia only is ranked 44th among the states for the newest cases per capita in the past 14 days.

More than 2,500 patients living in the U.S. needed special care because of COVID-19. The number is much lower than the summer peak, but it is double the most eventual low point of mid-October.



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