Cop Arrests DoorDash Gig Worker but Decides to Complete the Worker's Delivery Order
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Cop Arrests DoorDash Gig Worker but Decides to Complete the Worker’s Delivery Order

After arresting a DoorDash gig worker who is supposed to be completing a delivery, a police officer decides to finish this worker’s taks and carry out the delivery himself. 

DoorDash Gig Worker Arrest

According to DailyDot, the Killeen Police Department released a Facebook post detailing how the police officer decided to complete the food delivery himself. There is still no information as to what warrant was served and what was the offense of the DoorDash gig worker.

One thing is for sure, getting cancelled orders is annoying especially when it comes to food. However, due to the pandemic, a lot of people have slowly turned towards having food delivered instead of going outside to eat. Despite the food business picking up due to the pandemic where more and more people are having food delivered, DoorDash is reportedly struggling with its profits.

Door Dash New Commission Tiers

An article by FinancialTimes DoorDash just recently announced that the restaurants will be able to pick from three different commission tiers namely 15%, 25%, or 30%. These would reportedly include different levels of service which would really depend on whether the restaurants would want to focus on “profitability or growth.”

Another reason as to why DoorDash is struggling is because of how the government wants to classify gig workers as actual employees. In an interview with Reuters, Marty Walsh, the US Labor Secretary noted that gig workers should actually be classified as employees .

Delivery Companies Drop

The statement noted that the companies are making profits and that they want to make sure that the company’s success will also trickle down to the workers themselves. These actually seem to be the first public comments coming from Walsh regarding the gig-worker classification.

Gig-worker classification is reportedly becoming an increasingly important issue due to its broad implications especially for the future of work and what have now become some of the nation’s most popular companies. DoorDash reportedly dropped by 7.60%. One major reason for the drop is due to the whole gig worker issue as of the moment.

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DoorDash Defends Gig Work

According to the article by MarketWatch, DoorDash currently treats both their delivery workers and drivers as other independent contractors who actually don’t have the same pay, the same rights, and the same benefits as other regular employees do. DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, and even Instacart have reportedly fought long and hard in order to preserve their current business models.

The gig companies defense is that their own workers would actually prefer the overall flexibility that gig work gives them. DoorDash spokeswoman Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean notes that DoorDash workers actually just work four hours a week on average. Due to reasons such as those, the company is committed to protect their overall independence while still providing some better security and benefits.

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