CNN NFT For Sale Later in June | News Company Will Start Selling Iconic Historical Moments
(Photo : Screenshot From CNN NFT For Sale Later in June | News Company Will Start Selling Iconic Historical Moments

CNN NFT is expected to come later this June as the company plans to sell iconic pieces of historical moments that happened on the news channel. Apparently CNN is getting into the now intensely popular NFT game.

CNN Prepares to Sell NFT Collection

According to the story by CoinDesk, CNN is preparing itself to game later this month as the media giant is going to launch something called “Vault by CNN.” This will be an NFT collection to be minted on the Flow blockchain. The inclusions of the NFT collection will feature some iconic moments from the network’s long 41-year history!

As of the moment, CNN still has not yet specified the exact moments that are going to be included in the first six weekly drops. A CNN press release, however, announces that the collection could feature scenes coming from the United States presidential elections.

CNN NFT Collection: Iconic Parts of History

Aside from the United States elections, the blog post also noted that there will also be key moments in world history as well as some of the early CNN exclusive footage. The CNN NFT collection is going to be one of the many recent attempts made by large companies, which include the popular luxury car manufacturer McLaren, to try to enter the whole already-crowded NFT space.

The collection, according to CoinDesk, is also very much noteworthy due to it being one in the series of other NFT experiments made by TV networks just like Fox Entertainment’s massive $100 million investment in a NFT project along with the Rick and Morty creator known as Dan Harmon.

Most Expensive NFT Ever

The NFT space, although crowded with new artists, is now slowly being entered by bigger industries. More and more businesses are discovering the significant advantage that NFT could bring to industries.

Digital collections are now getting even more popular and usually, the rarity of these particular NFTs make the price soar. The most expensive NFT that has been bought costs a whopping $69 million!

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Why Would Someone Buy a $69 Million JPEG and Hyperlink

According to the story by CNBC, the buyer of the really expensive $69 million NFT comes from artist Beeple who noted that he was even prepared to place a higher bid since he saw this as the starting point of the new age of digital art. In his very first TV interview, Vignesh Sundaresan, with username MeetaKovan, noted to CNBC’s Squawk Box that he did not regret paying a whopping $69 million for a JPEG and a hyperlink. 

He also stated that the rise of NFTs or nonfungible tokens, bring rise to a new era where technology has finally allowed artists and collectors coming from all around the world to both sell and buy art much easily and even democratically. Sundaresan noted that the NFT he purchased was a significant piece of art history.

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