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“It also means’let’s cut the corona’, but it also means’a beautiful little practice’.”

An online donation site called’Corona Ajak’ is attracting attention, where donors don’t send money, but choose items to fit in the gift box. There is a set quantity of 100 per item, and when all the amounts are collected, 100 gift boxes are made. To allow donors to make small donations without burden.

The Coronaazak team, consisting of Kim So-ye (28), Yoo-han (28), Lee Na-yeon (31), Lee Da-hye (28), and Hong Eun-seong (34), started fundraising on the 13th, and the donation that was aimed at the 15th was 3 days. (About 4 million won) was collected.

The planning point is to make donors feel’self-efficacy’, believing that they can solve the problem of the underprivileged related to Corona 19 with their own ability.

“An item like Kim costs only 1,000 won per item. However, since the money they donated is revealed as an actual item, those who donate can feel self-efficacy even with a small donation. Rather than donating 1,000 won in cash, they donate 1,000 won worth of Kim. Being able to donate is more relevant to people.” (Nayeon)

Kim So-ye, who is in charge of website design, also said, “We have implemented a page so that the donor can know what he is donating as intuitively as possible.”

The reaction of those who participated in the donation was also hot. Lee Da-hye said, “There were a lot of reactions saying,’It’s so good that we can also donate corona-related, which we thought celebrities were doing.’ It is said that a request to participate in the gift box packaging process has also been received through Instagram Direct Message (DM).

On the 20th, they delivered 50 gift boxes each to the Community Center in Galhyeon 1-dong and 2-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul. The gift box contained daily necessities and medicines such as laver, ramen, instant rice, hand sanitizer, parse, and disinfectant spray. This is something to go to 100 elderly people in Eunpyeong-gu who are in the blind spot of welfare.

Why did you think this way? I met them at a cafe in Eunpyeong-gu on the 18th.

The first project was planned by Lee Da-hye, who works at the Korean Central Council for Social Enterprises. When I talked to a senior college senior and roommate Lee Na-yeon, Lee Na-yeon, who postponed the wedding scheduled for this month due to the aftermath of Corona 19, responded readily. Hong Eun-sung joined.

The first meeting was on the 2nd. Afterwards, instead of having a face-to-face meeting due to Corona 19, I mainly worked after work using the video conference program’Hangout’ and a spreadsheet. Yohan Yoo, who went to Thailand on the 1st to experience the life of a digital nomad (a person who can work like a nomad regardless of time and place) participated in a laptop video conferencing program.

The first donation project was limited to 100 senior citizens in Eunpyeong, but plans to expand it in the future.

Lee Da-hye said, “This is my first time, so it was limited to Eunpyeong-gu, but I know that there are many other places that are threatened by coronavirus such as Daegu and Gyeongbuk. “If it’s anywhere, I’m going to reorganize this platform and proceed again.” ()

Source: The Korea Herald


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