Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday urged the rich nations to take responsibility for climate change, reduce their carbon emissions and help poor countries to face the challenge.

Khan spoke at an event held virtually on the occasion of World Environment Day, hosted by Pakistan this year in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program.

“This is a chance for the world to correct its course. Now we have the next decade for ecosystem restoration,” Khan said.

He said although Pakistan’s contribution to global carbon emissions was quite low as compared to advanced nations, yet the country was one of the most vulnerable to changing climate patterns.

“Pakistan’s contribution to global warming and climate change is minimal. Rich countries, which contribute significantly more, have a greater responsibility to provide funds to ones like ours so that we can fight climate change,” he said.

“The countries which contribute the most towards pollution and have the resources should support those trying to combat climate change,” he said.

Khan also lauded UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for reiterating the message that the developed world has to take responsibility and help countries which do not have the resources when it comes to fighting global warming.

Talking about the steps being taken by Pakistan to tackle the challenge, he said the country was aiming to produce 60 per cent clean energy by 2030.

Khan said one billion trees had been planted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the government would achieve the target of planting 10 billion trees in the next five years.

“If we are successful in our goal of planting 10 billion trees, it will have a major impact on the people, the country and the economy,” he said, urging the people to take part in the campaign.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose message was read out by the country’s ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong, commended the strides made by Pakistan to cope with climate change.

Xi Jinping said his country stands ready to work with Pakistan and other countries to inject new impetus into global environmental governance and contribute to a clean and beautiful world.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson virtually delivering his message appreciated Prime Minister Khan for undertaking the project of planting ten billion trees and termed it a huge campaign for forestation.

UN Secretary General Guterres in his virtual address said the next ten years will be the final chance to avert a climate catastrophe, turn back the deadly tide of pollution and end species loss.

“We should finally make peace with nature and secure a better future for all,” he said.

Earlier, Khan in a tweet urged the “world to join hands to protect the environment and reset relationship with Nature”.

He said Pakistan was fully committed to play a leadership role in restoration of the ecosystem.

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