The case reportedly involved four people. They have now been fined a total of $300,000 for their violation of the country’s anti-spam law.

CRTC Closes Canadian HQ Marketplace

Canada Shuts Down Dark Web Marketplace |  4 people fined $300,000 for anti-spam law violation

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CRTC seized Dark web marketplace and fined the suspects totaling $300,000.

According to a report from IT World Canada, CRTC, the country’s governing telecommunications regulatory agency, has announced that it has successfully shut down the ongoing activities of the infamous people behind the dark web market.

CRTC considered it one of the largest dark web networks it has recently shut down. Following a report Wednesday afternoon, the site administrator reportedly closed the page, the regulator said.

As dangerous cybercrime is still rife across Canada, authorities have doubled their time to look for these criminals hiding behind the illegal sites.

The decision to issue arrest warrants for the suspects was made possible by the CRTC staff.

The perpetrators of the incident are Souial Amarak, Moustapha Sabir, Marc Anthony Younes and Chris Tyrone Dracos. The first three people were punished with a $50,000 fine, while Dracos was punished with a $150,000 fine.

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Canadian Anti-Spam Laws

For their violation of anti-spam policies, Canadian officials accused them of delivering phishing emails. The reason Dracos received the highest fine of the four is that he was accused of being the administrator of the Canadian headquarters.

“Some Canadians are involved in malicious cyber activities, lured by the potential for easy money and social recognition among their peers. This case shows that anonymity online is not absolute and there are real consequences in carrying out these activities,” Steve Harroun , CRTC’s chief compliance and enforcement officer said.

He added that their meeting with Canadian headquarters was by far one of the most ambiguous cases they dealt with because CASL took part in the chase.

Harroun praised the efforts of Flare Systems, the National Division (RCMP) and the Sûreté du Québec that led to the arrest of the cybercriminals.

Dark Web Fraudster Sentenced To Federal Prison

In another report, ZDNet wrote that the US Department of Justice has issued a final ruling on Canadian citizen Slava Dmitriev. He was sentenced to a federal prison for fraudulent access to the dark web.

In addition, he had reportedly sold more than 1,700 stolen identities on the illegal platform. The authorities in Greece arrested him while he was on vacation. Around January 2021, he was handed over to US officials for further proceedings.

Dmitriev used the nickname “GoldenAce” to carry out the crime. On AlphaBay, he sold 1,764 items for nearly $100,000. This information includes Social Security numbers, names and other confidential information of the customers.

Last year, Tech Times reported that Europol had succeeded in dismantling the DarkMarket site, the largest dark web marketplace in the world. At the time, it was reported that 500,000 people were involved in illegal transactions.

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