On April 27, California Fitness & Yoga Centers Vietnam – a subsidiary of FLG (Fitness & Lifestyle Group), officially announced the goal of setting a world record towards changing the lives of 20.000 people in Vietnam.

California Fitness & Yoga Wold Record Attempt

With the aim of setting a Guinness World Record, the program encourages people all over Vietnam who have undergone a body transformation to submit a before and after photo of themselves. California Fitness & Yoga World Record Attempt also supports those who are currently on their journey with access to their Transformation Challenge over the course of the coming two months. A World Record will be set if at least 20.000 people participate in the program.

You don’t need to be a California Fitness & Yoga member to join this program. The program welcomes everyone across the country.

Mr. Dane Fort, Chief Executive Officer of FLG Vietnam.
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To sign up for the program, everyone can submit information via this link. If you have undergone a successful body transformation, you only need to provide before and after photos to the organizers. If you are still in training, you can submit a recent full-body photo and a photo of your best shape ever.

All participants will receive a certificate and a place in the California Fitness Body Transformation Challenge – Special Edition program. The program is expected to end by the end of June 2021. Originally a paid program, the Premium Edition will have a simpler format, including 2 months of training, 16 group training sessions with personal trainer to help participants set a world record quickly and achieve their dream body.

Setting a World Record is one of the ambitious goals in 2020 of California Fitness & Yoga to improve the health of 43 million people by the end of 2021 and 100 million people in Vietnam by 2025.

LivWell app and preventive healthcare through partnerships

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Mr. Dane Fort with corporate partners at the event

California Fitness & Yoga has also launched LivWell app. This application encourages daily exercise routines by offering a system that rewards users when performing physical activities. Besides, LivWell offers a free online store of fitness content in Vietnamese.

In addition, California Fitness & Yoga strengthens protections towards preventive healthcare through partnerships with insurance companies such as Sun Life Vietnam and PVI Insurance, providing life and accident insurance to members. In particular, accident insurance will be offered free of charge to new members from March 2021.

Recently, California Fitness & Yoga has signed a cooperation agreement with tiNiWorld to launch the tiNiFiT program, providing physical activity classes for children to tackle the growing obesity problem in Vietnam, while calling on parents to join the World Record Program. The company will also coordinate with the Standing Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Youth Union to pilot a program to train health for the City Police force with more than 800 officers.

Furthermore, FLG aims to have more than 100 business partners participating in the program in the near future.


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