On March 25, Ca Mau Province’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said it had found the cause of the sudden deaths of many households in the area.

Accordingly, the unusual deaths of crabs in the area were recently caused by adult juveniles and larvae of the parasites in the body cavity of the crabs… The infection rate was up to 93.1%, the highest infection density was 17 parasites/crab.

In addition, bacterium V. parahaemolyticus is the second opportunistic agent present in the culture water, muscle and liver of crabs with a high density >1,000 cfu/ml/(gram) and is a potential pathogen for crabs. aquaculture and the risk of pathogens in aquatic animals kept in the same environment.

The cause of the sudden death of Ca Mau sea crabs has been found - Photo 1.

Ca Mau sea crabs suddenly died on a large scale from young foot crustaceans (CTV photo)

In particular, the extent of damage so far in Dam Doi district is about 16,606 hectares of the 9,983 households, the damage level is from 10-70%; Nam Can district about 13,128 ha / 4,386 households, the damage level is 30-100%; The Cai Nuoc district has a damage level of approximately 165.6 ha/104 households; Ngoc Hien district has about 200 hectares, in two municipalities, Vien An Dong and Tan An Tay, the damage level is 50-100%.

In order to minimize the damage, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ca Mau Province has come up with many solutions to guide farmers, and proposed to the Provincial People’s Committee to consider providing funding for disease prevention and treatment. dead crabs and proposes the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to direct specialized agencies to tackle the disease on crabs.

As has been reported, recently farmed sea crabs from people in Dam Doi, Nam Can and Ngoc Hien districts have died abnormally at a loss of 30-100%. Since then, the chairman of the Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee has instructed the concerned departments and agencies to urgently monitor, assess and establish the cause of death of farmed crabs.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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