BAPESTM (Business Apes), a new global NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, and Artemis Space Network, a commercial venture facilitating digital space missions, today announced the signing of a Mission Services Agreement for a charter mission to the International Space Station ( ISS). The ISS digital mission will send 5,000 BAPES Genesis NFTs into orbit, creating the world’s first decentralized space fund focused on investing in commercial space technology companies.


(Photo: Conservaco/ The Ignite Agency)

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BAPES Genesis NFTs represent stakeholder investments in the BAPES NFT project from a diverse global community. The first collection of BAPES NFTs was made available on February 16, 2022 and has generated nearly $1.5 million in community investment to date. More than $340,000 of this investment has been allocated to the BAPES ‘Metafund’ – a globally accessible venture fund that will be democratically controlled by the BAPES Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for investments in Web3-focused companies.

The BAPES ISS mission is a first of its kind commercial digital space mission that will include a livestream webcast to the global BAPES community, while a new SpaceBAPES collection of the ISS is being created. Holders of the BAPES Genesis NFTs will receive special blockchain credentials, giving them an option to develop them into SpaceBAPES NFTs. SpaceBAPES NFT holders will have the right to collectively vote on and participate in investments in commercial space entrepreneurs and start-up companies from a newly established space-focused investment fund (the “Space MetaFund”).

“The Business Apes NFT project isn’t just about making money, it’s about making a difference,” said Erik Lydecker, co-founder and CEO of BAPES. “We are focused on creating a solid foundation for our BAPES community with long-term investment capabilities that support entrepreneurs on meaningful projects.”

“Space is a frontier of inspiration and opportunity that can unite and empower the world,” said Bob Richards, co-founder of Artemis Music and the Artemis Space Network. “We applaud BAPES’ establishment of a decentralized space investment fund that supports visionary space entrepreneurs and projects that benefit our human condition and our planet.”

The BAPES Space MetaFund is the first of several crypto-native funds planned by the BAPES organization and will be administered by the organization’s DAO, as detailed in the organization’s publicly available white paper detailing the foundations, philosophies and roadmaps. are described.

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