Whether we realize it or not, fashion plays a key role in our daily lives. From meeting people at a social gathering to standing out in the workplace, fashion is central.

Usually, standing out with your fashion choices is usually considered expensive, which can put a lot of people off. However, it is possible to stand out with your fashion choices without spending too much money. With a few conscious choices when shopping or dressing up, you can even stand out without spending too much. Here are a few tips to give you the “wow factor” when it comes to fashion choices:

Complimenting colors

Colors play a key role in our society and can be the difference between attraction and repulsion. While your clothes don’t have to be expensive to make a positive impression, they sure are must match† Complementary colors have a way of making you look less attractive or unattractive. In the same light, certain colors may generally not be flattering for you or for use in certain situations. For a formal event, black and white can be generic colors, but they both match, don’t draw too much attention, and can help you look professional. However, if you need to experiment with colors, make sure the colors chosen are complementary.


accessories are usually not considered too big, but they have a big effect on the outcome of your fashion choice. Whether it’s a watch, necklace or bracelet, the accessories can help you enhance your fashion choice. The best thing about accessories is that you can get creative and daring with your chives as they are not the main attraction. You can get so bold that the accessory becomes the centerpiece of your attire. There are many options to consider when accessorizing and there is hardly a situation where the accessory does not match your clothes unless it is about color.

Shoe choice

Here’s a quick fact for you: The first thing people notice when they look at you is your shoes† Interestingly, not many people plan on looking at your feet, but somehow it can still stand out. Your worth, both socially and professionally, is estimated based on the type of shoe you wear. Everyone has at least one great pair of shoes that will go with every outfit they will wear. Whether it’s a sandal, boot or canvas, you can choose your shoes consciously. If you are looking for shoes, you can always notice its significance before selecting new pairs to buy.

Bold design choices

Being bold may not always be the answer, but sometimes being bold works and helps you stand out in a good way. The biggest problem with bold outfit choices is that it’s very easy to do it wrong, and then you’ll get a red face. Bold choices make you the center of the conversation and bring a lot of attention your way. Instead of being bold with your outfit, you can be careful and use an accessory. Bold accessory choices are just as effective as the outfit choices themselves and leave more room for error. However, if you can get it right, a bold outfit choice is a great way to get that “wow factor.”

Go with a theme

A theme is a great way to grab attention when you go out, especially if the event in question is fashion-related. With many themes to choose from, you have multiple options to make your outfit stand out. The best thing about choosing a theme is that you can recycle oil outfits that match the theme perfectly. You don’t have to buy a new outfit, you just have to dig in your closet.

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Fashion choices are more important than you think and having a ‘wow factor’ has a positive influence. Getting the ‘wow factor’ is easier than you think and with a few conscious choices, anyone can easily achieve it.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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