Boost Your Research Workflow with Optimized Transcription
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Research is at the heart of many processes. It is important for new and reputable businesses, students, journalists, scientists, and other categories. And considering how fast and demanding our world is, it becomes more and more difficult to find the information accurately and quickly. Plus, the global pandemic boosted the shift to remote work and made it impossible to gather offline for surveys, interviews, and brainstorming sessions. Like never before we need new and effective research instruments.

One of them is research transcription services. They help to transcribe video and audio files into texts without missing the important details, numbers, and facts.

When turning to real transcription experts, researchers don’t have to worry about losing important information because everything is accurately recorded and turned into text. In this post, we are going to discuss the main tools and tips on how it is possible to transcribe files quickly and correctly.

Tools you may need

Many users still don’t know that there is a transcription website that can help them with turning files into texts, whether these are videos or audios of calls, interviews, and conferences. There are also those who don’t want to entrust documents to others and have enough time. If your typing speed is not 80 words per minute, the tips below may be of great use.

Dedicated software

If you want to do everything on your own and need audio to text transcription of the highest quality, you won’t do without a reliable software. With its help, you can switch on playback, install different plugins, and significantly simplify the overall process. There are both free and paid programs depending on your goals, budget, and size of the recording. Here are some of the options that you can try out: Express Scribe, FTW Transcriber, and InqScribe. They run perfectly on personal computers and even on Mac.

Foot pedal 

Another useful instrument that can help with reliable transcription is a foot pedal. It is the easiest and the quickest way to ensure playback without the need to use a mouse. While some people remain quite skeptical about purchasing such a device, statistic shows that it adds speed and convenience to the process of transcribing files.

You can do several things simultaneously: control playback, make notes, and use the mouse for volume control. Modern foot pedals are affordable and easy to use. You just plug it via USB and can start immediately. 

Those who are not ready to invest in a foot pedal should adjust the settings in the transcription program to playback using the keyboard, not the mouse. This will also improve the quality and speed of the process. With time you’ll wonder how could you playback using a mouse!

Noise-reduction headphones 

If you are working in an environment with lots of noise and distractions, purchasing a noise-canceling set of headphones is a must. There are lots of them in terms of quality, functions, and price range, so you will surely find an option to taste. Here are some of the most popular variants:

Voice recognition

Some people find it quite difficult to type several hours or even minutes in a row. That is when they can re-dictate the audio and let virtual-reality tools to the text instead of them! The variety of available options is very impressive: there are built-in features for Mac and PC, as well as dedicated software. They scan documents to get familiar with slang and unfamiliar spelling, evaluate the structure, and do lots of other cool things. 

Echo transcription is becoming more and more popular and allows saving lots of time and energy. Especially if you are using a paid version with top-notch software.

Word expander

Another instrument that helps to boost audio and video transcription is the word expander. When used properly, it allows increasing the typing speed by 30%! With their help, users can define the most common words and even phrases, and let the software expand them instead of you. For example, ‘imho’ will mean ‘in my humble opinion’. Just imagine how many keystrokes you can save!

How to transcribe faster

The instruments discussed above are great helpers that can assist you in transcribing quickly and accurately. However, there are still tips that you should know before getting started. Transcriberry transcriptionists have shared a few valuable features with us and we can’t wait to share them with you!

If you know what to do, you can improve audio quality or speed up the process using video editing instruments. This means that you don’t have to be a tech guru to conduct a quality transcription. Everything depends on your dedication, time, and energy. And on the chosen human transcript service, of course.

Now back to the promised features:

1. Reduce background noise

The first and probably the most popular feature that can significantly help is the reduction of the background sound. With its help, you can eliminate the sound below a particular volume. 

2. Boost extra volume

With this feature, you can boost the file’s volume by almost 10%. It is an extremely useful instrument for those who have already maximized volume on the computer but still can’t hear the file clearly.

3. High-pass filter

This tool is quite similar to the background noise decrease, especially in terms of functionality. However, it doesn’t differentiate noise by the threshold volume but by the pitch. Thus, it filters frequencies less than 450Hz. To test the feature, open files with unclear sounds and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

You can’t deny the benefits of speech recognition technology

Nowadays, the research industry is going through hard times and analysts need to be aware of the upcoming changes. In order to improve efficiency, speed, and accuracy, it is important to optimize your research routine. One of the best ways to do that is transcription. You can simply upload files to the processor or use one of the instruments discussed above, and wait while the magic happens.

We are sure that automated and manual transcription is an irreplaceable tool for researchers not depending on the industry they are in and the goals they are pursuing. Follow our articles and learn more lifehacks and tools that boost performance and workflow.

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