Blackpink, one of South Korea’s biggest girl group, is calling people – Kpop fans or not – to join the fight against climate change. The four-girl group posted their advocacy on their YouTube channel.

The video started with a montage of the group’s iconic performances, and then transitioned to members Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie and Rosé speaking about climate change.

Admitting that they are not experts on the matter, Blackpink members expressed that they are deeply concerned about what’s happening with the world and that they are willing to learn more and use their influence to save the environment.

“This is a global challenge,” said Jennie. “Each and everyone of us could make a difference, and we need to act now.”

The girls then called on their fans, known as Blinks, to join them in their journey to learn more about climate change.

The two-minute video, made in partnership with the British Embassy in Seoul, was dropped ahead of the fifth anniversary of the historic Paris Agreement on climate change on December 12 and the UN Climate Change Conference of the COP26 happening in the UK in November 2021.

At the COP26, leaders from over 200 countries will meet and brainstorm action plans to tackle and slow down the effects of climate change.

“I am very happy to be with Blackpink and YG Entertainment. I hope all Blinks around the world will join the journey to protect the planet,” said British Ambassador to Korea Simon Smith.

Aside from Blackpink, Korean superstars BTS has also led a campaign to raise awareness for climate change.

With their wide following, Korean groups have been tapped by environmental and government organizations to be at the forefront of campaigns aimed to save the planet from carbon emissions, deforestation and global warming.

As environmental problems worsen by the minute, it has become harder to get real actions from people.

But with millions of Kpop fans supporting their idols and everything that they do, tapping on popular celebrities has helped in spreading more information about social problems and encouraging people to act.

Groups like BTS and Blackpink, whose loyal fans around the world follow their every move, are great and effective tools in reaching out to younger generations to take part in global campaigns.


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