A shocking report revealed that Australian troops have brutally savagely ended the life of 39 Afghan prisoners, farmers, and civilians. 

The war crime is reported by AP. Australian Defence Force Chief Gen. Angus Campbell confessed that this action is such a shame for Australia. He could not believe that a troop would shoot an Afghan prisoner in order to accomplish the first mission named “blooding”. Those Australian troops plant their weapons on the plant in order to create a false claim that the deaths of these Afghans are the deaths of enemies.

Campbell admitted that the action of illegal killing did not happen for the first time. It began in 2009, and the majority of the illegal killings happened in 2012 and 2013. He said that the Special Air Service always encouraged the warrior spirit, and killing is part of it. Anyway, as the leader of the Defence Force, Campbell felt shameful for his allies and so apologize for the Afghans who died under the firearms of Australian troops.

“To the people of Afghanistan, on behalf of the Australian Defence Force, I sincerely and unreservedly apologize for any wrongdoing by Australian soldiers,” Campbell said.

“Such alleged behavior profoundly disrespected the trust placed in us by the Afghan people who had asked us to their country to help them,” Campbell added. “It would have devastated the lives of Afghan families and communities, causing immeasurable pain and suffering. And it would have put in jeopardy our mission and the safety of our Afghan and coalition partners.”

Australian troops have done such a crime. Photo: Reuters

At the same time, reports also recognized 2 cases of cruel treatment of Australian troops on Afghan people.

Reporters admitted that they only acknowledged 25 current or former troops that involve in the war crime. Australian troops usually carry radios, grenades, and pistols, so after killing the Afghans, they can fake the scene thanks to the weapons and radios that they carry.

Campbell is furious that the innocent lives of some Afghans were taken by the Australian troops. “Those who wished to speak up were allegedly discouraged, intimidated and discredited,” Campbell said.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that he would open an investigation in order to prevent the same thing from happening again. Many troops could lose their medals afterward this incident. A structural change can happen as well since the Australian recognized the same thing occurred for more than one time.

via AP



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