In late July, tourist attractions began to show signs of “cooling”. There is not much time, destinations near Ho Chi Minh City are more interested by tourists than in early summer. “Affordable” costs, easy transportation and time savings are some of the advantages of these locations.

Fewer customers than early summer

Many customers have reserved a spot at a campsite in Tri An Lake (Dong Nai) since the beginning of the week. There are only a few places left this weekend.

Mr Khanh Toan, representative of Mada Lakeview Camping, said the average number of visitors to the campsite over two weekends is about 500. “From the beginning of the summer until now, the number of visitors has been relatively stable. At the end of the summer, in addition to the groups of friends, the campsite also welcomes more delegations from some team building companies,” he said.

The destination Ho Chi Minh City attracts visitors at the end of the year.

Campsites near Ho Chi Minh City have a lot of visitors on weekends. Photo: Mada Lakeview Camping .

However, visitors from the northern provinces are showing signs of slowing down from the start of the tourist season. In this month, customers in Hanoi accounted for only 5.4%, most are still visitors from Ho Chi Minh City at 50.9% and Dong Nai at 13%.

Khanh Toan explains: “When it is summer, tourists have more free time. They can spend days exploring new destinations from the north to the south. My campsite is only about 1 hour from Ho Chi Minh City, 5 hours by car, so it can be included in that trip.”

In addition, the costs for a two-day, one-night camping trip are not too high and there is no “screaming price” in high season. The entrance fee is 100,000 VND/person, the tent rental is from 150,000 VND, the costs incurred are only about 30,000-300,000 VND.

According to a study by sing , some camping spots in this area are also not very nice on weekends or only have space for small groups. In order to attract guests to stay when the tourist peak is over, the campsites are planning to organize more new programs and activities.

Busy customers on the weekend

As summer draws to a close, Nguyen Thao (Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) and friends plan a weekend trip to the coastal town of Vung Tau to combine relaxation and stress relief. As a well-known destination, this time the group only rented a homestay and then cooked on the spot.

The female tourist commented that Vung Tau is an ideal destination for those who don’t have much time but still want to “change the wind”. “I usually stay here for two days and one night or return during the day if the group is interested in going on a trip,” Thao said.

The beauty of Ho Chi Minh City attracts visitors at the end of the year
Many young people choose to rent villas and homestays in the provinces and cities around Ho Chi Minh City to rest on the weekend. Photo: NVCC .

The situation of renting villas and homestays is quite stable from June to now, especially accommodation establishments located on coastal roads such as Thuy Van, Ha Long, etc.

A representative of Nhim’s House homestay said: “My guests are mainly young people. They just need a comfortable, clean place to stay away from the noise and crowds to rest on the weekend.”

Renting a homestay or villa for vacation during the holidays is a suitable type of trip for those who want to save time but still want to rest and relax in a new destination.

According to the Vung Tau City Tourist Management and Support Center, the number of tourists to the coastal city rose quite high in July. On average, there are around 10,000 visitors on weekdays, especially on weekends, it can welcome around 30,000-40,000 visitors per day.

Source: Zingnews

Source: Vietnam Insider


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