Last Friday, Arsenal made it through to the last 32 round of UEFA Europa League tournament, but they showed a contrasting form in the EPL. 

Arsenal has won only 1 match in the last 5 rounds of the EPL, and as a result, Arsenal dropped to the 12th position of the fixture. On the other hand, in the UEFA Europa League which they have made it to the final match against Chelsea in the season of 2018/2019, Arsenal continued to show such a fierce form. They just qualified to the next round of the tournament after stomping Molde – the opponent from Norway – with a result of 3-0.

Mikel Arteta and his team have done well in the UEFA Europa League tournament, but they showed a contrasting face in the national competition. Arsenal was not qualified for the UEFA Champions League 4 years in a row, and the mission of Mikel Arteta is absolutely to bring the Gunners back to the highest level tournament of Europe. But in order to do so, Arsenal needs to qualify for the Top 4. Arteta believed that the team definitely could think about the champion, but it is the future goal.

“In order to become the champion of this tournament which means to get 100 points, we need to boost our squad with more signings. It is possible but it takes time,” Arteta said.

Arsenal in Europa League is different from Arsenal in the EPL. Photo: AFP

Arteta assured Arsenal’s fans that the team was going on the right track whole the time. However, he also confessed that the soccer world was so bizarre and they are not that patient all the time. Arteta understood that his team has been showing a bad form in the EPL, but he will be well-prepared for every upcoming displays.

“The challenge ahead us is predictable, since the last season,” the Spaniard coach said.



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