Apple to dislodge production from China and move to factories in India and Vietnam, new report from Nikkei Asia. Sources have revealed that Cupertino will diversify the manufacturing process due to tensions between the US and China – factories in India are expected to start manufacturing iPhone 12 devices as early as this quarter, while factories in Vietnam will run on iPads and mini HomePod devices.

Apple to transfer production from China to India and Vietnam

The Vietnamese factory has been working on the smart speaker since its introduction, but industry insiders have revealed that Apple is increasing supplier orders to increase production capacity. The company has also increased production of audio devices such as the AirPods series and will also move MacBook production there.

According to a supply chain official, quoted by Nikkei Asia, US companies continue to pull out of China despite the US having a new president. The change isn’t just affecting peripheral products, but bestsellers like iPhones and iPads, he revealed.

Foxconn, Apple’s key partner and supplier, has invested $ 270 million in building a new factory in Vietnam to increase its production capacity. The reason isn’t just the tension between China and the United States – labor costs and the coronavirus outbreak have severely disrupted the supply chain and Apple is keen to have several options for future projects. .


Source: GSMArena


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