Apple will offer app sideloading and downloading from third-party app stores as part of its recent dispute with European Union (EU) law. The new rule is that the Cupertino giant should restrict the many developers who are not part of its App Store from bringing apps for the iOS platform and allowing their installation.

Apple: Third-Party App Stores, Sideloading Now Available in EU

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The European Union has released a new proposal that would force Apple to allow third-party apps and focus on sideloading to convey the third-party functions of unverified developers. The venture is something Apple can’t refuse or pass on, especially since it’s a law under the EU region that aims to provide developers with a fair experience.

Apple is known to monitor those who showcase their apps on the App Store, and that’s because the company strives to keep its service safe and secure. There have been many developers trying to get into the App Store, but the Cupertino giant carefully selects them and showcases them on the platform for peace of mind.

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Cupertino Giant allows installation of unknown apps on iOS

The EU’s Digital Markets Act aims to bring fair trade to all. It allows various app developers and program companies to demonstrate their work on, for example, Apple’s and Google’s operating system for their respective software. However, it does not rely solely on giving power to the developers, users can choose where to get their applications from and download them from there.

Apple and its sideloading problems

Last November, Apple protested against the EU over its law on sideloading to enter smartphone devices and the software manufacturer to allow access and installation of them. Another thing Apple has opposed is that sideloading apps is a “gateway to malware”, saying that most unverified games can do worse than good.

Netflix had a solution to this problem with Apple, especially with the media streaming company’s Netflix Games venture that launched it last year to bring the titles to smartphone devices. The streaming company has already launched the apps in the App Store and the availability there helps it get downloads through the Netflix Games feature.

Apple’s sideloading problem is huge. It includes allowing third-party app stores to bring iOS apps to the devices, with the company saying the unverified files could lead to worse experiences. However, the Cupertino giant must abide by the rules and regulations set by the EU, especially since it is the law in the country.

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