Apple brought 5G to the iPhones last 2020, and it came with the iPhone 12 that the public saw and used for their needs to connect to a faster internet connection via cellular data. It used Qualcomm’s 5G modem and it is also an internal component used by some Android smartphones for the 5G connection for the device.

It was rumored that Apple was developing its version of the 5G, and its venture failed, so relying on Qualcomm for future iPhone releases.

Apple’s 5G battle to keep using Qualcomm’s modem

Qualcomm 5G

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Apple is struggling to bring its 5G to the world, and doesn’t want to depend on other companies for this, but they don’t have much choice. According to CNET, a report by a noted Apple insider said Apple is struggling to make its 5G modems for the iPhone, and its struggles resulted in its reliance on Qualcomm units.

The Apple Insider, Ming Chi Kuo’, said the information he gathered says Apple has not supplied the modern 5G modems it was trying to manufacture for the device. Now it remains with Qualcomm for the current cellular data connection that its iPhones will bring to the public.

Apple’s stock has fallen and Qualcomm’s has risen in recent market results, meaning the Cupertino giant’s 5G modems failed to deliver on its end.

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Apple’s 5G modem: don’t get one from Cupertino

For now, the public will get their iPhones with a 5G modem from Qualcomm, and they’ll have to wait for one that Apple will bring for their smartphone devices. The Qualcomm 5G modem is a reliable part and got 5G for the iPhones, with two of its releases including the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 lines.

Apple and its 5G transition

The iPhone 12 arrived in the midst of the pandemic and there have been many requests for the device to offer 5G for its data connectivity, and it is Apple’s first release to the world. 2020 gave the world a 5G iPhone, and it’s a miracle for everyone because it can connect to the most vital data service in the world, depending on their preferred carrier.

The iPhone 11 was the supposed device to get the 5G, but it was not yet time to connect to the network and Apple was still integrating the new modem for the device. It did it successfully for the iPhone 12 and it continues with the iPhone 13, the current smartphone device of the Cupertino giant.

It will continue to Apple’s upcoming devices, including the iPhone 14 and beyond, until it has 6G or next-generation data connection.

Apple is now relying on Qualcomm, but the reports claim it wouldn’t last long as the company developed its first iteration of the 5G modem, only that it didn’t use it for the devices. There is no information about the company’s current 5G projects, but like its other internal components such as the M-series chip, Apple wants to bring its creation to their devices.

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