Have you ever imagined what a typical Android phone will look like with a different port, say Apple’s Lightning port on their iPhones? Well, you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore.

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A YouTuber named Kenny Pillonel has managed to put a Lightning port on a Samsung Galaxy A51 Android phone through the channel Exploring the Simulation. This is the first time such a project has been completed, with Pillonel’s skills as a robotics student playing a major role in making this possible, ScreenRant writes.

Here’s the video on his YouTube channel showing how the Apple Lightning port works on the A51:

As you can see in the video, the modification ensures that the Galaxy A51 can not only be charged via Lightning. It was also able to transfer data. Furthermore, Pillonel promises a full video explaining how he made the build possible, so maybe tune in to his channel so you don’t miss out.

The DIY and robotics student also confirmed that this isn’t even the first time he’s played with both Android and Apple phones. As mentioned in the short video above, he added a USB-C port to an iPhone X, making it literally the only iPhone of its kind in the world.

Pillonel’s first USB-C equipped iPhone was featured in another video posted to his channel last year. And according to 9To5Mac, the modified Apple smartphone finally sold for nearly $90,000 on eBay late last year, albeit with a few demands from Pillonel himself.

According to him, he only agreed to sell the phone if the buyer commits to never restore, update or delete the phone, never use it as a daily driver, and never accidentally open it. But as for the Lightning-equipped Samsung Galaxy A51, there’s no indication that Pillonel plans to sell it just like its modified iPhone X.

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Why This Android Apple Project Is Both Amazing And Nonsense?

If you’re well versed in modern smartphone technology, you should know that Pillonel’s project is both astonishing and nonsensical. And that’s because of certain things related to Apple’s Lightning port itself.

Several tests, including one conducted by LifeWire, have shown time and again that Lightning is still inferior in performance to the much more ubiquitous USB-C connector. It just lacks almost every aspect, including data transfer speeds, fast charging capabilities, and the obvious compatibility issues. In addition, USB-C has been proven to last longer than Lightning.

This is why even Apple has reportedly thought of dumping Lightning itself. In August last year, a new EU law proposed the introduction of a universal charging standard. The main reason was an effort to alleviate the world’s growing e-waste problem, and Apple’s decision to stick with Lightning (despite its extremely inferior specs) is a major blemish on those plans.

Apple's Future iPhone Phones May Throw Out Lightning for USB-C Due to New Law

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Apple’s Future iPhone Phones May Throw Out Lightning for USB-C Due to New Law

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