Amazon announced that it would increase the monthly subscription costs of the Prime service over the next two months. The price will skyrocket to 43% in European countries in just a year.

Amazon Prime subscription increase in Europe

Amazon Prime subscription price rises across Europe in September, but why?

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Amazon Prime subscribers from Europe will soon be paying an additional fee for the subscription service after the impending price hike.

According to a story by The Verge, Amazon will adjust the current Prime subscription price from September 15. For example, the service charge will increase from £79 to £95, which is a 20% increase.

In France, subscription costs are expected to increase by 43%. From a monthly amount of € 49,- it will soon become € 69.90.

Meanwhile, both Italy and Spain will have a 39% increase in annual fees, while Germany will have a 30% increase in fee.

Before the ecommerce giant implemented the price increase in the Amazon Prime subscription, the company first made it effective in the US, where the previous annual fee was adjusted from $119 to $139.

It should be noted that the company will continue to increase the monthly price across Europe by €1. That said, discounts are out of the picture as far as the customizations go.

This is the first time Amazon has increased the service price in the UK since 2014. The big change could affect UK households with Prime subscriptions. This population accounts for more than 50%.

“We’ve increased the number of products available with Prime unlimited fast delivery, recently added ultra-fast fresh grocery delivery, and significantly expanded our premium digital entertainment, including TV, movies, music, games and books,” said one company. said a spokesperson.

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Why is Amazon raising Prime subscription fees?

In another report from The Guardian on Tuesday, July 26, the use of subscription services, particularly Prime, has skyrocketed amid the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since many people are forced to stay indoors, they can only rely on in-home entertainment services from televisions and smart gadgets.

According to Reuters, Amazon has chosen to adjust the Prime subscription price due to “increased inflation and operational costs”.

Amazon has last suffered a huge Q1 loss for the past seven years. The event had a huge impact on the company’s operations, including transportation and fuel costs and more.

Moreover, several online retailers are looking for ways to cope with the economic problem.

To make sure they make money despite the inflation, they tend to charge extra on the customer side through additional delivery charges.

Earlier this month, Tech Times reported that Amazon Prime subscribers can now get a free Grubhub subscription for a year. This is a perfect bonus for those who frequently order food online.

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