Having been downloaded by more than 1 billion users around the world, Amanotes became one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurs located in Vietnam.

You can be misled that Amanotes is simply a gaming developer, but they are not simply a gaming developer or programmer. Amanotes carries a futuristic vision on their shoulders, and that dream was begun by a technology undergraduate named Vo Tuan Binh. In the panel discussion on Wednesday morning (local time), Mr. Vo shared several things about his entrepreneurship, including his failure and how he rebuilt from dust to phoenix.

Amanotes received a total of 1.4 billion downloading globally and in just 6 years, the company has grown more than 95 million users per month in 191 countries and regions. It is significant growth, especially for a Vietnamese company. It is no doubt that Amanotes has grown fast.

But for a leader like Mr. Vo, he understood that Amanotes has not just grown fast, but they also showed consistency. From a small office and 2 employees including Mr. Vo, Amanotes grew into a global company that created an impact and changed the behaviors of users about a music game.

Amanotes now has employees from 10 different nations and most conversation inside the company occurs in English.

Mr. Vo admitted that he is a little lunatic. Photo: TechTimes

Before being so successful with Amanotes, Mr. Vo had three entrepreneurial plans but sadly failed with all three of them.

The former undergraduate of technology major always wanted to combine music with technology and created a product that can “change the world.”

“My company is a young company which has been established since 2014,” Mr. Vo said. “But my dream of running a start-up has existed since I was a senior student at the university.”

The leader of this entrepreneurship confessed that he is a little bit “lunatic” and most of his friends admitted the same thing. But that spirit was necessary in terms of motivating him to keep going forward and stand up after each failure with his start-up plan.

“After each failure, I always sit down and analyze the result of each defeat. I have learned something from those failures, but the most important thing is that I have an absolute belief for my entrepreneur,” Mr. Vo said.

He said that he looked back at the failure and learned from it but he never turned down his vision. If it was someone else, they could have lost their passion after suffering three times in a row. But it is not the case of Mr. Vo.

He bounced back after three failure and started Amanotes in a modest office side where he could only serve space for two employees including himself.

And from such a tiny beginning, his company now can be proud of themselves. The company now has its office inside Pax Sky building on Ung Van Khiem avenue and leaves its modest history behind.

“I never turned down my vision,” Mr. Vo said. Photo: TechTimes

Mr. Vo shared that his Magic Tiles 3 has received a average of 95 million downloading in 191 countries and regions, and during the year 2020, the company has successfully unlocked two major markets: China and Japan. Even a strict market such as Japan is now convinced by the Vietnamese game, and it proves that the “lunatic” mindset of Mr. Vo works.

It works probably because Mr. Vo is more experienced with failure and understand so well how to avoid it or at least, decrease the risk of failing to the minimum level.

He knows what to do with his product and he is building an ambitious plan.

“We don’t define ourselves as a game developer or something stuff like that,” Mr. Vo said. “We have the vision of changing the behaviors of music lovers and Amanotes has big plan for next year. We are going to build up some ambitious projects.”

But his company at this moment is already so ambitious.

Mr. Vo revealed his plan for next year. Photo: TechTimes

They already got more than 1 billion users played their games in the last 6 years, and that number is enormous for an entrepreneur. Nonetheless, it is not the ultimate goal that Mr. Vo and his team are aiming for. The whole family of Amanotes is looking at a bigger market, and according to Mr. Vo, it is time to seek new lands.

Indonesia users started to notice the existence of Magic Tiles 3 (a product developed by Amanotes), and it won’t be a surprise if this is going to be a potential market for Mr. Vo and his company.

China and Japan also joined the market map of Mr. Vo, and the leader said that he would consider these new markets in the upcoming year 2021.

At this moment, his product mostly is downloaded in the United States, European nations, Brazil, Vietnam, and Japan.

The success of this start-up is overwhelming, and it thanks to a wonderful workplace that they provide their employees. A beautiful bar for the lunch-time, an entertaining room for the breaking-time, and a musical environment, all of them make the office of Amanotes become a desirable working place for young adults.

A beautiful bar at Amanotes office. Photo: TechTimes

At the beginning of their panel discussion, Amanotes claimed that they are one of the best job providers in Vietnam, and as they have said it, they kept the promise. I am totally convinced that it is going to be a fun place to work, and that belief is more condensed with the sharing from Minh Nguyen, a data engineer of the company.

He said that his musical soul was protected and revised by Amanotes where gave him a chance to follow his work and his passion at the same time.

In the end, it was an honor to know someone like Mr. Vo and listened to his sharing. Sixteen years ago, the young Vo Tuan Binh had a plan of becoming an entrepreneur, now he is a successful leader of a global company.


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