The world has been introduced ingenious ways to locate any objects, even if not an electronic or smart device, with Smart Trackers like the Apple AirTags, Tile Pro, and Chipolo One Spot. These devices offer a unique way to find an object and have it be located with the use of an application and its pairing with an app.

iPhone 13 Airtags Apple leak

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Apple has recently debuted the AirTags via the April Spring Loaded event which brought the world an option to use the Find My iPhone and pair the object tracker; nifty for fans and Apple users. 

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Apple AirTags vs. Tile Pro vs. Chipolo OneSpot

However, Apple is not the only one with an object tracker that can pair with applications and search for a device ingeniously, as it has been debuted by start-up companies for the past years. Samsung’s SmartTags also came earlier compared to the AirTags, releasing last 2020 to debut the South Korean’s take on object tracking devices.

In this tracker match-up, Apple would not go against fellow big tech Samsung, rather, would take on startup companies’ take on tracking devices with Tile and Chipolo. 

Apple AirTags

AirTags from Spring Loaded Event

(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

The AirTags is a round-shaped, white object tracker that is not magnetic, and also does not have an indicated slot in its body to be put on keychains or the like. Users would need to buy an accessory for it to be attached to an object which one needs to track. Also, it currently awaits iOS 14.5 for it to pair and be tracked by the iPhone. 

Price: $29 each, $99 for a four-pack

Tile’s Tile Pro

Tile Tracker

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @iDeviceHelpus)

TIle is the longest-running smart object tracker in the world, as it debuted its first products last December 2012, which is almost nine years ago, debuting different tile trackers along the way. The Tile Pro is the most advanced of the company’s trackers and features the latest technology with 400 ft. of range, and waterproofing. Its design has a slot for keychain insertion.

Price: $59.99 for a 2-pack of the 2020 model

Chipolo One Spot

Chipolo One Spot

(Photo : Chipolo via Amazon)

The Chipolo One Spot is also a round tracker, but it features a keychain insertion point at the top so that it no longer needs accessories to attach it. Chipolo says it is the loudest among the rest, as it features a sound-sourcing feature to better locate a lost object. The One Spot is also waterproof and comes in a variety of different colors. 

Price: $24.99 each

Who is the Winner?

The Apple AirTags offer the cheapest price for a four-pack and the only one that offers these much in a bundle. However, it does require additional accessories for it to be connected to an object, additionally, users would have to wait for iOS 14.5. But Apple users may find it nifty as it offers to Find My iPhone as the partner app for this, and no longer requires an additional app. 

However, in terms of performance and range, Tile Pro certainly gives one of the best tracking features that can help in locating a lost object, and have it returned, provided it is within one’s proximity. As a trusted company for this, Tile still gives a unique way of finding an object. 

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