Starting July, Microsoft will stop operating Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10. Ahead of the windows update, the complete deletion of the long-time application will be prompted by the “Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player.”

This means that Windows 10 will strip Flash as part of its operating system.

Say Goodbye to Adobe Flash Player in Windows 10 

Adobe Flash Player Will Completely Stop Supporting Windows 10 in July, Microsoft Says

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According to a report by GSM Arena on Wednesday, May 5, the removal of the 25-year-old popular plug-in will be mandatory two months from now. When the Windows 10 version 21H1 receives an upgrade at that time, the software that we have used previously will now become a part of our memory.

It is expected that beginning this May, Microsoft will start rolling out the update. Moreover, the permanent ejection of the software will not only be limited to Windows 10.

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Those who are relying on much more outdated operating systems like Windows Server 2021, Windows Embedded 8 Standard, and Windows 8.1 will also have their Adobe Flash Player apps deleted.

In Microsoft’s blog published in September 2020, the Redmond-headquartered company is set to cut ties with Adobe as its partner after December 2020. It was July 2017 when Microsoft said this statement.

Why is Microsoft Removing Adobe Flash Player in Windows 10?

The reason why the company chose to halt its support for Flash Player is because of the declining usage of the software. There are also better alternatives that could replace the said applications which could provide more efficiency such as WebAssembly, WebGL, and HTML5.

In line with the tech giant’s objectives, it will be disabling the Flash support for the Microsoft Edge browser (both the latest Microsoft Edge and the Microsoft Edge legacy) as well through a regular update that will be automatically installed in the system. Now, we could clearly see that the software is saying goodbye to the Windows OS this time.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s support page indicates that an Adobe Flash Player that is manually installed from another source will not be removed.

Maybe, it is the end of an era for a once-dominant software that we all know. Over the past years, we have seen that the Adobe Flash player is gradually becoming unnoticeable since its former features could not cater to the needs of modern systems.

Last year, Adobe ceased its operational support for its legacy format. This came after the announcement from some prominent web browsers that they will terminate using Flash as their support in 2016.

It’s still more than two months before the Flash support ends, but we could still glimpse back on the classic Adobe Flash games and animations which had shaped our childhood in the early years.

Preserving a precious part of the internet history is now possible thanks to the Internet Archive.

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