ADA Ninjaz: CNFT Project Announces Launch Date for Season Two
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Non-fungible tokens were one of the talking points of the blockchain space between 2020 and 2021. They continue to prove to non-crypto enthusiasts that they are more than just mere jpegs as claimed, but tokens with real power to accelerate blockchain adoption. Fast forward to 2022, they continue to disrupt the art world by allowing many communities of developers to leverage them to create blockchain-based projects with defining utilities.

One of the projects that emerged from the blockchain space last year was ADA Ninjaz. It is a Cardano-based project with real-world utility that aims to onboard non-crypto enthusiasts through its community-driven art and storyline. ADA Ninjaz is a project that serves more than an NFT – it comprises manga, games, music, and so much more.

After the successful launch of its first season (the Aramar Clan) in October last year, the team behind the CNFT project is launching the much-anticipated season two (the Atsuko Clan) on February 4, 2022 at 8.00 PM UTC, with 8,888 NFTs available Ninjaz to purchase. Each Atsuko NFT is uniquely crafted, with attributes that were also influenced by the community. 

ADA Ninjaz Explained in Detail

ADA Ninjaz is a community-driven NFT, Manga, and Anime project in the Cardano space. It’s a collection of randomly generated 2D avatars from hundreds of unique attributes. With a compelling storytelling powered by blockchain, ADA Ninjaz allows you to own NFTs of your favorite Ninavian clan – the Aramar, Atsuko, and Daisuke. 

Aramar, Atsuko, and Daisuke are the three Ninavian clans in the story, but a war is brewing amongst the clans. The Aramar clan is named after Asahi Aramar, their ancestral founder and are nicknamed “The Guardians” because of their abilities to maintain law and order in Asahi, the capital of Ninava. 

The Aramar clan is known for their proficiency in science and technology, which puts them above other clans. Thanks to technology and science, they became a powerhouse globally, putting Ninava on the spotlight. However, the quest for ultimate power puts them in danger of becoming politically irrelevant and going into oblivion.

The Atsuko clan are regarded as an outlaw, according to the Ninavian government due to their evil practices and way of life. The Atsuko are known for hiding under the shadows, getting involved in black magic, and running clandestine operations. 

The third clan is The Daisuke. The tradition of the clan revolves around nature. They are nomadic groups with varying technological astuteness. They are also immune to the practices of the outside world and ensure that their society is preserved. The Daisuke are called “helpers and saviors of land.”

The ADA Ninjaz Community is One of the Core Structures of the CNFT Project

The Ninjaz community is responsible for running the CNFT project. The community comprises dedicated individuals ingrained with the act of helping each other out and sharing ideas that will ultimately lead to the growth of the project. 

In a nutshell, the Ninjaz community crafts lyrics for the music, plays exclusive games within the Discord platform, and earns rewards and airdrops. Anyone can join the community, although owning an ADA Ninjaz NFT unlocks extra benefits such as voting rights, in-game rewards, etc. The minting price will be communicated soon, but you should expect it to be very affordable.

Aramar and Atsuko NFTs empower you to become an exclusive member of Ninjaz. As a holder, you get to vote as a member, earn from holding the NFT, get airdrops of other CNFT projects, create and sell your CNFTs, and access exclusives entitled to the community. 

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