Here, overtime is discouraged and most people do not consider it necessary. In fact, if you have to work overtime, people will rate your planning and time management skills as poor.

Culture promotes balance in life, sufficient rest

According to Business Culture, Sweden is one of the countries that have introduced policies to improve work-life balance for its citizens. For example, flexible working arrangements and holiday arrangements were tested.

The Swedish government has been proactive in reducing the work-life conflicts that most women often face. They also encourage men to participate more in housework and parenting.

Parental leave is designed to encourage men to stay home to care for the newborn children, encouraging both parents to take on the responsibility of raising children.

Normal working hours in Sweden are usually 40 hours per week, up to a maximum of 48 hours. Of course, due to work requirements, some people sometimes have to work from home. Due to the development of telecommunications, more and more people are used to it.

However, always keep in mind that most Swedish workers take a break from work after 5 p.m. to spend time taking care of their families. Overtime is discouraged and most people do not consider it a necessity. In fact, if you have to work overtime, people will judge that your planning and time management skills are not good at all.

The Art of Living Just Enough – The Secret to a Balanced and Happy Life

Part of the cause of this lifestyle comes from the Lagom culture. This is the secret to helping the people of this beautiful country live a balanced and happy life.

As a universal concept deeply rooted in the mindset of the Swedish nation, Lagom is a journey of discovering core values ​​and understanding yourself amidst the vast, vast world. From a linguistic point of view, the word “lagom” means just enough, neither superfluous nor lacking in material and spiritual life. Lagom is an important factor that helps us balance work and life while enjoying complete happiness and joy.

Nowadays, to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often want to find a simple and natural lifestyle. That is why the lifestyle from the Swedish kingdom is also gradually becoming popular all over the world.

Because of the encouragement of moderation and balance, Swedes are always content with the present, accepting their shortcomings and constantly striving to rise. This concept helps them to work diligently, creatively and persistently and then achieve many great results.

From being the poorest country in Europe, after only 100 years of endeavor, Sweden has today become one of the world’s leading powers of happiness with an excellent quality of life.

At the same time, one of Lagom’s criteria is to live slowly and sustainably. Instead of indulging in a lavish and luxurious materialistic lifestyle, people in this country are encouraged to watch their expenses, recycle garbage, limit the use of plastic bags, use organic food, etc.

Most people will ask themselves before shopping: do you really need this item or not? Is it necessary to own a full wardrobe, several dozen pairs of shoes or dozens of accessories? Maybe the answer is no.

Therefore, it is not necessary for people to work 60 hours a week to earn money, to buy groceries and then get sick again exhausted. With the spirit of “just enough” of Lagom, everyone will work just enough and rest well, to ensure a clear mind and a healthy body.

Love and enjoy nature

Swedish people always give nature a passionate, deep love. Everywhere in the country there are national parks, nature reserves, parks and greenery. This allows people to roam freely in green nature, be it grasslands, ponds, forests or farms… as long as they are aware of protecting the environment.

Children are also encouraged here from an early age to immerse themselves in nature, possibly through many practical extracurricular activities. During the weekend, Swedish parents also go for a walk with their children, or go cycling or camping together in the park.

Summer is also the favorite season of the people of this country. This is a great time for them to rest, rebalance their lives and get out into nature. According to statistics, every year about 20% of the population owns a small house on the lake, in the middle of the forest, for the summer holidays.

Even during summer festivals, the Swedish government often spends huge amounts of money to subsidize those who want to go to the forest. Railway companies will therefore issue special discounted Summer Tickets to encourage people to go out.

People go surfing, picnicking, hiking. Summer here is the time to do what you want in nature.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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