From the first coffee beans brought to Vietnam by French settlers in the mid-1800s to that expertly poured, artistically foamed macchiato cup, coffee has come quite a journey to become a country’s essential and social habit.

To help you find the purest taste of the bean in its freshest, newly roasted form, has rounded up 7 best coffee destinations in Vietnam, as recommended by Vietnamese travelers. Inspire your next vacation with our rundown of some of the country’s most captivating coffee regions.

Coffee has come a long way to become the essential and social habit of a country

Coffee has come a long way to become the essential and social habit of a country

1. Ho Chi Minho

There’s no denying that the vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City has a widespread impact on contemporary Vietnamese coffee culture. The town gave rise to ca phe bet, literally “coffee on the ground”, referring to traditional coffee stops where people sit on small plastic stools along the walkways, a piece of cardboard or just plain bare concrete and enjoy a cup of the famous ca. phe sua da – dark roasted Vietnamese blend served with ice cream and condensed milk. Learn how to make your own portion on this Vietnamese coffee tour. You can also enjoy your daily morning coffee in the comfort of your hotel room at Fusion Original Saigon Center, where all rooms are equipped with a coffee maker.

2. Hanoi

Hanoians like strong and simple coffee. A small cup of really dark, rich drip robusta, optionally served with a little condensed milk or sugar is sufficient. That’s not to say the city doesn’t have its own mammoth collection of cool, photo-worthy coffee shops roasting some of the best beans in the country. The new generation of coffee lovers in Hanoi today enjoys a mix of pour-over, classic, refined robusta blends, the light but flavoursome taste of arabica and photogenic coffee shops. Sip an espresso in the afternoon and enjoy the rhythms of the Old Quarter from your private balcony at Soleil Boutique Hotel Hanoi.

3. Da Lat

The K'Ho coffee farm and roastery

The K’Ho coffee farm and roastery

There are many beautifully appointed coffee shops in Dalat, perched on the edge of escarpments, deep in the folds of pine-covered valleys or on the windswept grounds of some old farmhouses – all impressively decorated. One such cafe is the K’Ho Coffee Farm and Roastery run by the K’Ho family – a nomadic minority in the highlands. Here, travelers can learn about traditional methods of coffee production and taste the smooth, balanced flavor profile of K’Ho coffee, exalted by round notes of caramel and almond like no other. In Dalat, breathe some fresh air and bask slowly
your daily dose of caffeine in serene nature at Zen Cafe Lakeside.

4. Buon Ma Thuot

Known as the coffee capital of the country, Buon Ma Thuot is one of the largest growers of coffee beans in the Central Highlands and the perfect destination for coffee lovers. Red basalt soil makes the whole region an ideal place to grow coffee. A must try is Buon Ma Thuot’s coffee – the tantalizing aroma and taste of coffee rolls smoothly on the tongue, leaving a rich, lingering aftertaste. Trung Nguyên Coffee Village and World Coffee Museum are two famous places where you can discover coffee related artifacts such as vintage coffee containers and cups or equipment and traditional harvesting tools from the
Central Highlands. When you stay at Doi Sao Homestay, you can enjoy your coffee – while it’s still warm – and start your day in style.

5. Vung Tau

Whether it’s a commuter drinking a black coffee or friends drinking a cappuccino, there is a coffee shop in every corner in Vung Tau to suit the occasion. With tourists coming in swarms, today Vung Tau is awash with a myriad of cafes that do a good job of caffeinating the morning crowd with their own creative coffee-based concoctions. Located in the heart of Vung Tau, Kim Minh Hotel is an ideal stay for travelers who want easy cafe-hop and search for the best cuppa.

6. Da Nang

With independent coffee shops booming exponentially in recent years, Da Nang is every coffee lover’s dream. The beachfront walking trails in Da Nang offer a nice combination of street coffee stalls, specialty coffee roasters and Instagrammable coffee shops, with the sound of bean grinders and espresso machines drowning out the morning commuters. After enjoying your complimentary buffet breakfast at the Cozy Da Nang Boutique Hotel, enjoy caffeinated delicacies in the hotel lounge, or take a stroll through downtown Da Nang to find the city’s best coffee houses and to taste their brews.

7. Pleikus

Pleiku should be a destination high on any coffee lover's list.

Pleiku should be a destination high on any coffee lover’s list.

Pleiku should be a destination high on any coffee lover’s list. Located in the province of Gia Lai, Central Highlands, the city has geographic – high altitudes – and climatic conditions favorable for coffee cultivation. Of course, coffee is becoming a big part of the city’s culture, and the locals take pride in their high-quality brews. Minh Manh Hotel 2 offers air-conditioned rooms with large glass windows for you to enjoy the amazing mountain view while sipping your favorite brew.


Source: Vietnam Insider


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