Many homeowners think that houseplants are immune to common garden diseases and pests such as mites, fungus gnats, black spot, powdery mildew, etc. But in reality, these diseases can spread quickly among houseplants, especially when you add new plant extracts to your area.

To avoid these problems, isolate a new potted plant for some time and before placing it near another plant, make sure it is healthy and disease free.

Of course, there are also several other precautions you can take to keep your plants luscious and healthy. You can read this article ahead of time to find out the seven best gardening supplies to help your favorite houseplants thrive.

So let’s move on!

1: Refresh the bottom

Healthy soil is an ultimate requirement for flowering plants. Over time, the soil becomes stiff and tired, so it doesn’t hold nutrients and water. So to keep houseplants healthy, you need to change the soil when necessary.

The steps to refresh the soil are:

  • You have to take the plant out of the pot
  • Prune back the root ball
  • Place the plant in a clean pot
  • Break the root ball a little and set it to a size 1-2″ larger

Things go smoothly when you buy a relevant plant for your space. Do not grow shade lovers in the blazing sun and avoid a sun-loving plant in the dark room.

Pay attention to their needs – soil, air and winter, and soon you will have well-grown and healthy plants.

2: Change the water amount of situations

Houseplants need less water in winter and because of too much water the air spaces of the bottom become clogged† Plants are often killed if they are overwatered.

Before taking the water pitcher, check the water condition of the plant so that it does not get too much water. You need to check the area; it must be at least 5 cm dry, not just the surface.

3: Don’t miss fertilizers for indoor plants

Fertilizers contain minerals and nutrients to keep the plants healthy and nutritious. It is preferable to have everything to hand with plant food, because your plants will be happy if you fertilize them with each watering of about a strength.

Once a month you can skip the fertilizing part as this will help flush out salts that often build up. One more thing: plants are dormant in winter, so they don’t need an artificial boost of vigor.

4: Plant cleaning is integral

Keeping the foliage plants clean is necessary because dust interferes with the path of light, which is essential for photosynthesis. So below are the methods to keep plants clean:

  • Use clean, warm water to wipe the plant or put the plant in a shower. It is also the easiest way to get rid of mealybugs, aphids and spider mites. You should also remove brown and dead leaves to protect plants from disease.
  • Dust on windows can block sunlight and heat, so it’s helpful to keep windows clean.
  • Move your plants depending on the weather and light direction so they can receive maximum heat and light.

It is also essential to keep plants well away from drafts, registers, cold windows, heaters, etc.

5: Increase the humidity

To control the dry indoor air, you can place pebble and stone dishes; fill the saucer with water. Make sure the bottom of the pot doesn’t touch the water. To increase the humidity, you can group some plants or use a humidifier.

6: Preparing plants for spring

The long days provide new growth in houseplants. At this point, you need to use more water and fertilizers; both will prepare them for growth.

7: Using grow lights

Light is an essential factor that aids in plant growth as plants need light for photosynthesis. Grow lights are beneficial for houseplants, as they are primarily designed to replace natural light. This allows you to grow your houseplants at any time of the year without worrying about sunlight. Grow light can stimulate the photosynthesis process in plants and provide it with the right color spectrum so that the plant can grow well.

last thought

Greening at home is relaxing and soothing, but it cannot be accessed unless you don’t have the right gardening supplies – fertilizers, water, heat, light, humidity, etc. You can read this article to find some essentials to help your growth. of favorite plants. These supplies tend to protect your plants from disease and help them grow quickly and healthily.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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