Really, what are we gonna do without Netflix?

It’s Saturday again – some (if not all) of us probably miss the feeling of Saturday being a real “weekend”. With people working from their homes since the pandemic started, it has become harder to distinguish the difference between the days. And somehow, Saturday has lost its meaning.

Thank heavens for Netflix. This streaming site, albeit not free, continuously provides us with the entertainment and drama we need to stay sane. But sometimes, the number of titles we see on our screen can sometimes feel overwhelming that we end up just turning it off and sleep.

Well, here’s a little gift for you – a short list of some of Netflix new releases you can binge watch tonight! Get yourself some popcorn and soda…it’s going to be a long Saturday night.

The Prom

We’re starting strong with ‘The Prom’. Based on a 2018 stage musical of the same name, Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated latest directorial project has just premiered on Netflix and it’s definitely worth watching.

The film stars none other than Meryl Streep – I mean, who would dare miss a Meryl Streep movie? – and some of the most talented actors like Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Andrew Rannells, Keegan-Michael Key and Jo Ellen Pellman.

Set in small town Indiana, ‘The Prom’ is a musical comedy film that revolves around a teenager named Emma, who wants to take her girlfriend to the high-school prom, but when the PTA hears about this, they cancel the event altogether. Then, a hilariously self-obsessed Broadway star and her motley crew hear about Emma and head on over to the school, with hopes of gaining some publicity for helping the girl out. However, their support actually ends up making things worse.

What happens next is for you to find out.

5 new Netflix releases that are worth your time


This short animated film will surely make you tear up.

‘Canvas’ follows the story of a grandfather who has experienced tragic loss, and he is struggling to reclaim his passion for painting. It has zero dialogue whatsoever, and relies purely on the visual senses to feel and understand the meaning of the story.

The short film is actually light, but it’s underlying sadness makes it painful. But the beauty of ‘Canvas’ lies on how the grandfather found strength to pursue his passion again through his inquisitive young daughter.

The nine-minute film, made by former Pixar animator Frank E. Abney III, lets its viewers know that whatever tragedy or sorrow we’re going through, we will always have something that will bring the spark and hope back to our lives.

5 new Netflix releases that are worth your time

If Anything Happens I Love You

Released in November on Netflix, ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ is a beautifully illustrated animated short film that takes us on an emotional journey of two parents trying to cope with a tragic loss. The story builds up so beautifully to it central premise instead of being all laid out at the start.

The film starts with a couple eating dinner at opposite ends of the table. They do not communicate, and are instead isolated within their own world of grief. As the film progresses, we see where their pain is coming from, and we begin to understand what real resilience and love look like.

What makes this 12-minute short is the fact that it courageously tackled one of the US’ prevalent problem – gun violence.

Created by Will McCormack and Michael Govier, ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ is delicate and haunting but powerful. It’s sure to leave you speechless long after the film has ended.

5 new Netflix releases that are worth your time

50 First Dates

Okay, this isn’t a new film but Netflix just re-added this to its site on December 1. And we’re screaming!

Originally released in 2004 by Columbia Pictures, ’50 First Dates’ is romantic and heartbreaking at the same time. It follows the story of Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who meets an accident that caused short-term memory loss. She only remembers things that happened before the accident. So every night when she sleeps, the people around her – her father especially – keep her environment the same so as not to confuse Lucy.

The comes chick-magnet Henry (Adam Sandler) who falls in love with Lucy. But because of her condition, Henry tries to win her over once more; thus, the 50 first dates.

The film’s not complicated, but it brings about a soul-stirring feeling every time Lucy forgets who Henry is, and the fact that her father – who’s growing old by the day – does everything to make Lucy happy.

It’s charm and entertainment weaved into a simple plot, but will make you think about the importance of life.

5 new Netflix releases that are worth your time

Angela’s Christmas Wish

We can’t end this list without a Christmas-related film.

‘Angela’s Christmas Wish’ has references to the first film, ‘Angela’s Christmas’. The prequel is light and heartwarming, but you don’t have to watch it to appreciate this new animated film on Netflix.

There’s just something so warm and heartfelt about this film, probably from the fact that it revolves around an innocent child’s perspective about Christmas, family and life.

The tale begins in Ireland in 1913 with Angela (voiced by Lucy O’Connell) and her family who needs to be separated from their father. Angela and her siblings do their best to bring their father back for Christmas. Even with a predictable happy ending, the film gives so much value to imagination, creativity, generosity and love.

And since the coronavirus is currently preventing us all from seeing our family and celebrating the festive season together, ‘Angela’s Christmas Wish’ may come a little nostalgic. But as Angela’s father goes home, the film also reminds us the true joy of Christmas.

5 new Netflix releases that are worth your time

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