Vietnamese Company based in Ho Chi Minh City – 3D Smart Solutions has just launched 3Dmanufacturer solution, applying AMFG’s technology.

As needs be, the Vietnam 3D company giving extensive 3D arrangements – 3D Smart Solutions formally introduces the first 3D printing mechanization and customization platform in Vietnam market called 3Dmanufacturer, applying utilizing programmed innovation of the main provider AMFG – Autonomous Manufacturing.

Seeing the developing and dire interest from clients, 3D Smart Solutions organization chose to put resources into an answer that can uphold this development, adding to the improvement of the 3D printing industry in the country. With the 3Dmanufacturer arrangement, the organization chose to pick and apply AMFG’s implanted answer for carry the best impact to clients.

The 3Dmanufacturer arrangement utilizes innovation from AMFG – the world’s driving provider of MES robotization programming and added substance fabricating (3D printing) work processes, fully intent on disentangling and imagining producing measures, confounded strides of clients when they need to make 3D printed products .

Clients will test print samples, upload design file .STL, .OBJ, .STEP, .IGES… and customize printing features for suggestions exactly the expected price of the finished 3D printed product. In addition, users can also manage orders, history of 3D printed products, and send consultation requests to have a clearer view of 3D printing technology. 

3D Smart Solutions had merged the two components CRM and 3Dmanufacturer, because of using different algorithms. Thanks to persistence, this problem was finally solved thanks to the middleman system and this combined solution worked perfectly and with perfect results. 

The 3Dmanufacturer development team has studied the pros and cons of similar solutions that have been widely applied in major markets in the region such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. to make them more suitable for the Vietnamese market. With the vision of “fully digitizing and automating 3D printing”, 3D Smart Solutions company is gradually researching and gradually applying new technology to become a pioneer in the field of additive manufacturing in the market. in the country to reach out to the region and the world.

Advantages of 3Dmanufacturer applying AMFG’s technology compared to the traditional way of working:

  • Eliminate time spent on manual tasks like data collection, expense tracking, print planning, etc.
  • Better user experience and greater transparency, allowing operations to scale.
  • Visually track equipment, materials, and production schedules.
  • Eliminate human risk.
  • The cost of making each product will be calculated and announced after 3 to 10 minutes.
  • Increase business performance as well as brand value.

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